The government is in the business of social programs and welfare.  The government solution to poverty is to provide handouts and programs to help the less fortunate.  All of these programs are sold with the idea that we are supposed to help out our fellow man and be charitable.  Instead of genuinely helping, these programs often keep people dependent on government aid.

This is not charity.  This is Socialism and it causes more harm than good.

Every government welfare program comes from tax dollars.  Tax money is not charitable because the money is taken by force instead of voluntarily given.  There is nothing noble or praiseworthy about being free with someone else’s money when the money was taken under threat of force.

As a practical matter, these welfare programs are very expensive when compared to the supposed benefit.  The money must first be collected, sent to the IRS, then there must be a decision as to where the money should be spent, administrators and paper pushers are required to spend the money properly and to handle all of the applications for help before the money or benefits are distributed.  These jobs and needs only exist in an economy where government benefits are to be paid.  It is a tremendous waste of money and resources when the money could be much better spent in the private sector.

Private organizations are often very lean in their administrative costs because they survive on the good will of private citizens making donations.  They have a limited budget and have a heart felt interest in the welfare of the people they are helping.  True charity and help for the less fortunate is best left in private hands.

The government is ill-equipped to provide well for those in need in a way that is truly beneficial for those that give and those that receive.

Forced charity through taxes is not charity at all.

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