The point of a counterfeit item is to pass it off as the real thing without needing to create the value behind the thing counterfeited.

One of the most common things counterfeited is money.

The use of counterfeit money devalues the rest of the good currency and is often spent without a corresponding benefit to the seller.

A valid $100 bill has value while a counterfeit $100 bill does not.

Marriage is the same way.  Marriage as ordained of God is for the benefit of all people.  Marriage helps the world go round, provides solid familial bonds, creates safe havens for rearing children, strengthens social bonds and rules, and provides a sense of belonging and community that is not available in any other way.

The family is the basic unit of society.  The stronger the family ties, the stronger the society.

Satan has put forth a competing vision of society where the individual is the basic unit of society.

Satan wants the focus to be on individual rights to pursue any course of action that feels good, regardless of any other competing concern.  Individual desires are the most important consideration in decision making.

You may have heard a variation on these theme with the refrain of “it’s my body and I can do what I want”.

Gay marriage is nothing more than counterfeit marriage.  It is a competing idea of marriage that will never produce the benefits of male-female marriages.  It is a fake of the real thing and leads to a ridiculous reasoning.

It used to be an intolerable insult for a man to leave his wife and children for a younger woman.  It would alienate families, cause years of gossip and bad feelings.  Now if a man leaves his wife and children to go pursue another man, it is supposed to be  some brave and courageous thing because this person is finally pursuing their “real self” at the expense of a formerly happy home.

It is time for people to put away their demand for individual satisfaction at the expense of family and society.  It is time for a return to family values.

It is also time to tell the truth about counterfeit marriages and quit pretending they are just as good as the real thing.

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