I noticed a couple of letters to the editor this week that were interesting.

The first one took to task some of the Gay Pride displays and activities in Salt Lake City this month.  The second one pointed out that lots of people who are straight also behave badly.

It is sort of silly to be writing these letters in the first place, but there is a difference in the behaviors of the two groups.  The first letter attacked the behavior of people at a Gay Pride celebration in Salt Lake City, not exactly a city known for wild parties or gatherings.

The second letter pointed out similar behavior at the beach and at Mardi Gras.  Oddly enough, it would seem that you could fully expect lots of people to be half-dressed at the beach.  Same thing with Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

I sympathize more with the first letter than the second letter.  The Gay Rights movement is loudly proclaiming how they want to make better inroads with the LDS faith and to be treated like everyone else.  It is not helping their cause to be wildly offending the more delicate sensibilities of the polite LDS folk they are trying to win over.

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