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Are there concerted efforts to control the world population?

Yes there are. The exact measures taken and what actions to be used is not entirely clear, but there are certainly official concerted efforts and plans to control the world population.

In 1974 the United States had a strategic plan drafted to deal with the future population problems the world would face. It is called National Security Study Memorandum 200. There is also a World Population Plan of Action adopted by the U.N. in Bucharest in August of 1974. As recently as 1994 a U.S. Presidential Decision Directive was issued in support of population control measures. Many of these measures are specific about providing for free abortions and education about STD’s and other reproductive topics but as has already been discussed in this series, vaccines causing sterility could well be a part of these efforts when the World Health Organization is in part responsible for some of the vaccination problems.

The hardest part is that we want to believe the best of people and not that there may be a group of individuals who are happy to cause the non-births of millions if not billions of people. Or that some people are perfectly happy to let millions or billions of people die from natural causes via poor health, lack of nutrition, and a lack of food. There is an organized movement afoot to cause and allow the massive depopulation of the earth. Which brings us to one of the most politicized diseases of the ages, AIDS.

AIDS has not been so much of a hot-button issue recently because the mass panic over it has blown over and the number of cases in the United States have decreased and now it is only really growing rapidly in places we don’t live or associate really like Africa and Asia. AIDS has mostly gone off the radar screen for many, many people.

Looking at scientific/emotional issues of the last 20 years or so there have been about three major ones. The Ozone layer (it turned out fine) AIDS (not so fine) and Global Warming (still out for decision). Of the three, AIDS should be the easiest one to have all the answers about. The Ozone layer is so big and massive and out there that it really is difficult to measure, quantify and predict how it works. Global Warming is affected by so many environmental factors that it too is the subject of some scientific debate and it is difficult to truly find a coherent smooth explanation for it. AIDS on the other hand is an infectious disease and there are so many experts on infectious diseases that you would think it would be easy to get some simple answers about the problem, right?

AIDS Overview

An investigative journalist, Celia Farber wrote about AIDS for seven years and ran into several difficulties in trying to simply gain logical information about HIV, AZT and AIDS. In her words “All I ever did was follow and report, with what some may consider excessive attention, the vital debate about whether HIV is the cause of AIDS And whether AZT is a viable therapy for those who are HIV antibody positive. And whether being HIV antibody positive is the same as ‘having’ HIV. And whether ‘having’ HIV necessarily means your immune system is decaying. Etc.” These are all reasonable questions when being HIV positive is supposed to be an automatic death sentence. Especially when a person can get the flu, a common cold, and any other number of viruses and get better and if you were to test their blood it would test positive for antibodies for all of those viruses. That’s actually how the body gets better.

Ms. Farber was not able to have her simple questions answered and there are several scientists that don’t believe the story of how HIV leads to AIDS and where HIV came from either. It is worth thinking about at least.

Just as a brief overview, AIDS means Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. It means your body can’t fight off illnesses like it used to be able to. It is a secondary immune deficiency much like problems people have from radiation treatments, chemotherapy, or even more serious and long lasting conditions such as leukemia and multiple myeloma. For a more thorough, official, and somewhat incomprehensible definition of AIDS, here is a link to the CDC page where the definition has not been updated since 1993.

When AIDS was first discovered, the primary treatment was use of the drug AZT. The first cases were found in the white male homosexual populations in New York City and San Francisco. The primary test for HIV infection was to check for HIV antibodies in a blood test. There was a rapid spike in the number of infected people in the United States and the actual number of people with AIDS as of the end of 2007 is reported to be 1.3 million with 21,000 deaths from HIV/AIDS in 2007, or 1.61% mortality rate of the infected people, or 0.007% of all Americans assuming a total population of 300Million. Worldwide it is reported that around 3Million people have HIV/AIDS with 22.5 Million of them living in Africa.

Africa is a medical cesspit. They have a massive lack of clean water, farm land, food, medicine, vitamins, and nutritious food to meet their needs. There are insufficient medical supplies and sterile needles to care for the people who become sick there. As a humanitarian gesture, vaccines were sent to Africa without sufficient sterile needles so that a specific disease may be prevented while potentially infecting the vaccinated patient with who-knows-what from another possibly ill person. Vaccinating a sick person is not good for that person because it can also further compromise their immune system. It is only natural the way things are that Africa would have the massive amount of HIV infected persons that are already there. The lack of sterile medical supplies and condoms makes a difference. It is sad really.

The Other Side of the AIDS Story

Celia Farber has found it very difficult to find the answers to whether HIV is really the cause of AIDS or not and was often rebuffed and unable to find clear answers to her questions.

Some people believe that HIV is actually a harmless infection that doesn’t cause AIDS. Because AIDS is related to immune system problems and that these problems can have multiple causes there is no reason to just take it for granted that HIV is the cause given the presence of anecdotal and other evidence. Some HIV positive people never got treated and turned out just fine. Other HIV positive people felt just fine and began a full AZT regimen and died in a few months. It should be a more serious debate.

Chemotherapy and radiation treatment for cancer also cause immune deficiency at least for a temporary time while the treatments are ongoing. Another cause of immune deficiency from attacking bone marrow is the drug AZT. AZT as was mentioned above was the first FDA approved drug for HIV and AIDS but it has such a high bone marrow toxicity that there is probably no way to really determine a chemically induced immune deficiency and AIDS. The worst part is that AZT was pushed on so many people who had HIV but not full-blown AIDS that the treatment may have actually been the cause of their death.

Part of the problem with HIV testing is false positives. If a population that is not likely to have HIV is all tested without regard to other indications of infection there will be a huge number of false positives. That is part of the problem with mass testing for illness when there are no specific indications of the illness being tested for. If a person has a false positive test and decides to be on the safe side and take AZT, it may in fact be the cause of their later contracting AIDS and dying.

With the homosexual populations in New York City and San Francisco, prior to the discovery of AIDS there was a great amount of soliciting the need for a Hepatitis B vaccine among the gay population. It is possible that the heightened awareness of STD’s among that population and the CDC putting pressure on the gay population to get tested led to many false positives which led to treatment which led to death.

Now the WHO has issued dosing guidelines for AZT in Africa that is at the toxic levels first prescribed in the U.S. in the 1980’s. It could amount to a chemically perpetrated murder of millions of Africans.

Another Reason for AIDS?

At least one person believes that AIDS does not spontaneously pop up but is cause by chemical means in already susceptible people either mentally or physically. I am not sure what to think of all of this. If you believe in the unmitigated evil of individuals hell bent on controlling the population of the world via abortion and vaccine induced infertility, AIDS is actually another tool for population control.

There are written reports from the United States and the UN advocating for population control. If abortion is one of the prime answers then outright murder is only a little farther along the path.

Here is an article about how things are coming together for population control. The point of AIDS is to divert money and resources away from the real basic needs people have such a clean water, peace, sterile medical supplies, sufficient food and vitamins. Instead, the WHO is vaccinating millions of Africans who already have suppressed immune systems therefore causing additional immune system difficulties. With the increase in HIV cases, AZT will be distributed among the people and really make them sick. With famine, war, stolen farmland, and a fake disease to distract us from the real problems there will potentially be millions of Africans dying for no good reason at all.  If you want to read about even more vaccine hijinks and mayhem and possibly causing death and cancer and dogs and cats sleeping together and mass hysteria, here is another good one to read.

I try not to glom on to any old conspiracy theory that pops up, but I thought this was one worth repeating given the current and past difficulties in medicine and vaccines. Like the doctor said in the interview with Matt Lauer, there is no conspiracy, the FDA, CDC, and your pediatricians all recommend these vaccines so that makes it all OK right? You can go back to sleep now.

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Part I is here.

Do vaccines cause sterility in females?  Some of them do.

I don’t know if it is a mere mistake, or if some vaccines were designed for specific areas of the world that may cause sterility and not in others, but there are problems.

The tetanus vaccine in adults should be given approximately every 10 years or so (according to official guidelines) which means that I am probably due for one of them too.  It is one dose, given in the arm to adults.  It is also officially OK for pregnant women to have the tetanus vaccine however, it is absolutely not OK for pregnant men.

There have been several reports of some women receiving a tetanus vaccine and becoming sterile or having spontaneous miscarriages/abortions.   In the 1990’s, a tetanus vaccination program was implemented in several countries including Mexico, Nicaragua, and the Philippines which was found to cause sterilization in women.  The vaccines were only given to women of typical child bearing age with a total of five shots for the regimen and three of them within three months time.  Testing of vaccine samples revealed that the vaccines included a hormone important to pregnancy that would cause the female body to create anti-bodies to this hormone and therefore prevent pregnancy.  In Taiwan, there is an unfavored ethnic group called the Akha.  These people live in Taiwan, China, Laos, Tibet, and Myannmar.  In Taiwan, it is required of pregnant Akha women to receive the tetanus toxoid vaccine.  There are numerous reports of women then having a spontaneous miscarriage/abortion after receiving the vaccine.  If the women refuse, they are threatened that the child will not be given an ID card which will often successfully pressure the women into accepting the vaccine.

The United States is funding sterilization programs in the Philippines today.

Perhaps this history of United Nations World Health Organization vaccines has caused some of the suspicion of the oral polio vaccine in Africa.  Well, that and a Washington Post article about research and testing on an anti-pregnancy vaccine which acted in the same way the tetanus vaccines did in Mexico and the Philippines.  The article was in 1988 and in the early 1990’s the tetanus vaccinations were administered with ill effects on women of child bearing age.  In Nigeria, the oral polio vaccine is being boycotted because of concerns that it will cause sterility in the women of the country.  Without additional testing of the vaccines for problems (maybe they can’t) it may be a wise thing to do.

But what about the new HPV vaccine?  It was developed by Merck who has settled many cases related to heart attacks and strokes caused by Vioxx and is now facing cases regarding Fosamax.  The vaccine is called Gardasil and will be among the vaccines required in Texas for public school students.  New Mexico is on the same path to requiring the vaccine too.  Some countries in Europe are providing the vaccine for free.  About a year ago, Merck announced it would stop lobbying states to mandate the use of the vaccine for school children.  Part of the awful truth is that the vaccine may be completely unnecessary for any woman and most certainly not for any women under the age of 30 according to the FDA who actually also approved the vaccines for young women.  That’s right, the vaccines could not go forward without FDA approval and the FDA admits freely that in young women, any HPV infection is not associated with cervical cancer.

In a press release from the FDA in 2003 regarding an HPV screening test, it states: “The HPV DNA test is not intended to substitute for regular Pap screening. Nor is it intended to screen women under 30 who have normal Pap tests. Although the rate of HPV infection in this group is high, most infections are short-lived and not associated with cervical cancer.”  [Emphasis added].  This is pretty much admitting that the vaccine is completely unnecessary for young women.

There are a number of allegations that the new vaccine may actually harm the patient too and make cancer more likely.  Again there is also the concern that it may also cause sterility in women.

Can all of these people be wrong?  On the one hand, the FDA and the CDC assure us that these  vaccines are perfectly safe but there is a track record of some of the vaccines causing real problems for people.  There are numerous horror stories of bad reactions to the vaccines.  Are there additional problems in the medical community we should know about?

Next up: are there concerted efforts to control the world population?

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The other morning, I woke up and decided to watch some of the Today Show. As I was barely starting to pay attention to it, I caught the last few seconds of an interview with Matt Lauer where the interviewee said something about needing to get vaccinated and there is no conspiracy, you need to follow what the FDA, the CDC, and your Pediatrician recommend and you need to get all of the shot regimen recommended because one of three shots won’t do the job you need all three.

I thought it was interesting that the Doctor for some reason had to tell us that there was no conspiracy. Very interesting. So I looked for the video to watch it and here it is.

First you are told that some parents are sitting out on vaccines because of concerns of safety. Twelve cases of measles have popped up in California. Three of those cases were from children that were vaccinated and the other nine were not. Of the nine that were not, three were too young to be vaccinated and the other six had parents opposed to vaccines so the kids were not vaccinated. So of a small group of twelve, a full 25% of them were supposed to be protected from the disease because they were vaccinated.

In the interview, Matt Lauer asks if enough research is being done to put the matter to rest once and for all that the vaccines are safe and the doctor first dodges the question then comes out and says that the vaccines both work and are safe but that there are maybe one in a hundred cases where there are adverse reactions that make the child worse off but for the benefit of public health all the children should be getting vaccinated. The doctor states that the entire population could be at risk of infection because of the few that are refusing the vaccines. For the good of the country and public health you should vaccinate your children, also because the FDA, CDC, and your Pediatrician recommends it. Oh, and there is no conspiracy.

That kind of reasoning makes my head spin. On the one hand we are told to believe that the vaccines are safe and that they work at preventing and stopping childhood diseases. OK. On the other hand because a few people are refusing to vaccinate their children the whole population is at risk. The only way this works out is if the vaccines don’t work as well as they are supposed to. If the point is that non-vaccinated kids need to be vaccinated to preserve the integrity of the public health, what about all of the illegal immigrants pouring over the border that bring whooping cough, tuberculosis and leprosy with them? That would be a more significant health risk than whether some families are not vaccinating their kids.

A friend of mine pointed out that if a person has a financial stake in whether you accept an idea or a product or not, it will obviously affect their opinion of the same. Specifically this statement referred to a presentation he was hearing about a product that would put about $8,000 in the guy’s pocket if my friend were to buy into the system. For the FDA, the CDC, and Pediatricians there is a similar financial motive.

The FDA just like any other federal agency will seek to preserve its’ own existence and to justify budget increases year after year. It is the natural order of things with federal agencies. Same with the CDC. Pediatricians who like to remain employed must keep to the party line laid down by the FDA and CDC or they may be in trouble with their employers. Also, the FDA and CDC are often the only source of information that Pediatricians find to be reliable and accurate so they stick with the information. It is not as if Pediatricians are doing their own research to verify the claims of the FDA and the CDC so to add them to the reasons about why we should all believe vaccines are safe is a bit silly.

The FDA and CDC have numerous ties with the pharmaceutical industry because that is the business they are in. The FDA is currently not able to screen new drugs for safety and instead they rely on the drug makers to test the drugs for safety. Because drug companies have a major financial stake in the approval of these drugs the studies conducted tend to be highly biased. It is not unlike assigning a fox to take care of the hen house so to speak.

The CDC is also not in the business of verifying the purity, success or safety of vaccines. Why we are supposed to take the word of some official government agencies that do not make it a part of their business to verify the safety of chemical compounds is beyond me.

Next up: are some vaccines causing sterility in women?

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It has been on the news recently that the family of Hannah Poling would be compensated for injury resulting from five simultaneous vaccines that caused young Hannah to have autism.  Naturally, doctors and the media are working hard to downplay the importance of this case because Hannah also had some additional underlying medical problems that made her more susceptible to having difficulties from the vaccinations.

There is a lot of blustering from doctors about just how safe all of these vaccines are and that there is no way at all that the vaccines could be related to autism.   Hannah’s case is different.  According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, there was a document from the case leaked online which seemed to link Hannah’s autism to her vaccines, specifically “that five shots Hannah received in July 2000, when she was 19 months old, ‘significantly aggravated an underlying mitochondrial disorder’ and resulted in a brain disorder ‘with features of autism spectrum disorder.'”  So the conclusion is that the vaccines caused a “brain disorder” that has “features” of “autism spectrum disorder”.  Got that?  It is not autism, but is has many of the similar characteristics of autism.  It makes me wonder if there are many mistaken diagnoses of people who have some sort of “brain disorder with features of autism spectrum disorder” but don’t really have autism.

There is a special vaccine court for vaccine caused injuries.  There is some debate whether this vaccine court is an admission that vaccine related injuries really occur, if it is merely to placate the paranoid masses who actually believe vaccines can hurt people, or if it is just the U.S. Government’s way of giving a big, wet, sloppy kiss to pharmaceutical companies that make vaccines.  Any damages awarded by the vaccine court are paid by me, you, and the other millions of tax payers in the United States.  Employers have to carry workers’ compensation insurance in case employees are injured on the job, but pharmaceutical companies just have their congressmen pay for their mistakes.  It is enough to remind me of this comic about the influence of rich elites on legislative proposals.

The U.S. Court of Federal Claims employs eight Special Masters to handle the vaccine claims.  A special master is a judicial officer that specializes in a specific thing so as to make better informed decisions about particular matters.  It is most often used in a large civil case with very technical details that require special attention and specialized knowledge acquired through study. It is a significant thing that eight Special Masters are required to handle claims solely related to vaccine injuries.  Maybe it means that vaccines are not as safe as doctors are continuing to tell us.

The  government publishes a list of conditions that are subject to compensation when they are caused by vaccines and include nerve damage, arthritis, seizures, and a myriad of other complications.

CBS news has a very interesting article about the vaccine court, autism, and the link to vaccines.  It has to do with the case of Michelle Cedillo and her autism.  The article mentioned

Autism is characterized by impaired social interaction. Those affected often have trouble communicating, and they exhibit unusual or severely limited activities and interests. Classic symptoms of mercury poisoning include anxiety, fatigue and abnormal irritation, as well as cognitive and motor dysfunction.

While we know what these words mean, it is actually very difficult to specifically quantify and define exactly what the words mean in a clinical sense.  I would think that if I suffered from anxiety, fatigue, abnormal irritation, cognitive and motor dysfunction, (mercury poisoning) I would also probably exhibit impaired social interaction, have trouble communicating, and have unusual or severely limited activities and interests (autism).  So from these definitions it may well be possible that people are suffering from mercury poisoning and not autism.  I don’t know how many doctors there are that are trained to know the difference either.

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President Victor Yushchenko is the current president of Ukraine.  He won an election in 2004 after a total of three ballots.  For some reason the first two were fixed in favor of the establishment candidate.  A certain person running for Congress in Utah’s Third District was in Ukraine when the election happened, with his wife and children.

When the congressional candidate arrived in Ukraine, there were all sorts of campaign signs for the establishment candidate and the opposition leader had very little visible support.  The people in the capital expected that no matter the real turnout, the establishment candidate would win, a Viktor Yanukovych.  After the voting day and expected results were announced, President Yushchenko went to the central gathering area of the capital city and demanded a new vote, that the results were not correct or fair and that everyone who agreed with him should gather there.  The speech also stated that while they were supposed to be having free elections, the elections were far from free and that Ukraine was still under the dictatorship of the party.  This was also after Yushchenko was poisoned with dioxins in November of the same year, probably a little known chemical called “yellow rain” that was used in chemical warfare against Afghanistan by the Russians.

People bussed in from the country side and literally millions of people rose up to demand a re-vote.  The military was called in to disburse the crowds and the official state news was lying like crazy about what was going on in the city.  In Ukraine, instead of closed captioning, there is a person who is shown in the corner relating the news in sign language due to large amounts of hearing loss related to the Chernobyl atomic energy disaster from 1986.   The military decided they would not fire on their fellow countrymen and one of the translators of the news finally decided that she could not continue to lie for the government either and signed to everyone that the news was a lie and that Yushchenko supporters were gathering in the capital to rally for fair elections.

Many world leaders said they would not accept the results as legitimate and after two more ballots, Yushchenko was declared the winner by 52% to 44%.   This series of events is known as the Ukrainian Orange Revolution.

Russia needs their own Orange Revolution.  The party officials and people in power still rig the elections and pick their party men to win the elections.  Now the Kremlin officials aren’t even really trying to hide that the elections will be fixed.  The linked article has this very curious paragraph though:

The purpose of the falsification is to boost the legitimacy of 42-year-old Medvedev – who will take over from Putin in May as Russia’s third post-Soviet leader.

Analysts admit that Medvedev would have won the election anyway without Kremlin interference – but on an embarrassingly small turnout. While a sizeable chunk of the population is happy with Medvedev because they see him as a joint-architect of Russia’s economic revival, analysts say there is widespread voter apathy because his victory is seen as a foregone conclusion.

also, from later in the article:

The Kremlin used similar tactics during December’s parliamentary elections, which the OSCE’s parliamentary assembly described as “neither free nor fair”. Analysts today noted that Russian voters had become increasingly accepting of official vote rigging and no longer regarded it as anything unusual. . .

“No-one needs to be instructed any more. Everybody knows what to do,” said the political scientist Stanislav Belkovsky. “The technology has been proved over the past four years in Russia. Once the polls close unused ballot papers are taken, filled in for Medevdev, of course, and thrown into the box. The boxes are then stamped and re-opened a second later. Then they start to count.

“The technology is very easy. You don’t need to make it complicated. Every election commission member is personally responsible. The central election commission also knows it can rely on governors. They are more interested in protecting their business interests than in democracy in this country.”

And who is running against Medevdev?

Medvedev is competing against three other candidates – the veteran communist leader Gennady Zyuganov, the ultra-nationalist Vladimir Zhironovsky and a fake democrat, Andrey Bogdanov. The Kremlin has prevented Mikhail Kasyanov, the only genuinely democratic challenger, from taking part in the poll, claiming that signatures on his election petition had been falsified.

The Kremlin by the way, is a short hand reference to the Government of the Russian Federation.  The government is picking its own president apparently.  A revolution in Russia is needed, the first one didn’t really take.

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