I know many people who are all about leadership education, excellence, high performance, walking to the beat of your own drum, doing your own thing, following your heart, and overall going ahead of the crowd to lead people.  It’s how differentiate yourself from the Sheeple.  I imagine this comic happening several times a day:


Leadership is a good thing.  We need more involved people willing to do the hard things and make a difference.

There can be too much of a good thing.  Some people think that we need to be an authority on everything, know everything, and do everything in order to be a great leader.  This person has the attitude of “forget the experts, I can learn what I need to know and guide myself, by myself”.  This person is an űber leader and has missed one of life’s biggest lessons we all need to learn.

The űber leader has failed to learn that sometimes you need to follow.

An indispensible part of being a good leader is listening and discerning when a good idea or person is worth following.  When you lead an organization or a council of sorts, you must listen to their input and ideas or else why have the council in the first place?

It should be one of the first and most basic lessons that leaders must master, when to be a good follower, listen, learn, implement, enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

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