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The world is going crazy. Sexual Liberation is not all it’s cracked up to be.

The world sexualizes everything (some stores sell thong underwear for children – ACK!). It is difficult to find modest swimsuits for little girls anymore.

Sex sells, lyrics in songs are racy, less clothes are the norm. I used to joke about women on TV that must be very poor because all they have to wear is their little sister’s clothes based on the necklines, hemlines, and tightness. Ha-ha.

Society is reaping what it sews. Because of media coverage and the demands for ratings, there seems to be an epidemic of school teachers sleeping with their students, especially in the last couple of years.

Here is a partial hall of shame: Debra LaFave, Pamela Rogers, Mary Kay Letourneau, Rachel Holt, Cameo Patch, Amy McElhenney, Kristin Margrif, Adrianne Hockett, Amber Jennings, Amber Marshall, Amira Sa’Di, Amy Lilley, Angela Comer, Angela Stelwag, Beth Raymond, Bethany Sherrill, Carol Flannigan, Cathy Heminghaus, Celeste Emerick, Christina Gallagher, Christine Duda, Christine Scarlett, Deanna Bobo, Diane DeMartini-Scully, Donna Galloway, Elisa Kawasaki, plus about 46 more names are on this list, alongside others. This includes Allenna Williams Ward who recently was found to have the special distinction of sleeping with five of her students.

And for the men: . . . . . The men are a bit harder to identify. But there are sex offender sites. Yup, for sex offenders. Approximately 8 out of 9 teachers are women. This probably explains some of the disparity.

All of the names on this hall of shame are school teachers who had sex with their students. They are also women, and some of them are women who like women. The disparity in news treatment may be for several reasons, among them may be the men who do the reporting that secretly wish that they were able to get some of their teachers in bed when they were younger and are more likely to report on their fantasies. It also gets ratings for the news. There should be no surprise whatsoever that better looking teachers get more media coverage. There is a reason that The Graduate was such a popular movie with a soundtrack with a song from Simon & Garfunkel. The movie was released in 1967 when a number of the current men in charge of media coverage were still growing up.

Even the reporting on sex offenses has become sexualized and made to be sexy.

It is not a mistake that Anna Nicole Smith dominated the news when she died, and each TV news story had to run some sort of racy picture or video montage of her with the news story. A memorial website can’t even come up with a completely modest picture of her. It even makes news when the AP Entertainment Editor chooses to not cover Paris Hilton.

According to this article, the number of sex offenses by women has remained flat since 1996. Women are committing sex crimes at about 4% of the rate of men. News has been sexualized. While women are generally getting less jail time, they are also committing less serious crimes when compared to the crimes committed by men.

There is something wrong with our culture according to this anonymous source:

We allow people to market products to teens like they are adults, our society is sufficiently open that they can get access to adult entertainment, and yet we dote over them and worry about their self esteem and how they fit in with their peers as though we’re the ones looking for the prom date. The balance of social pressure is to be a “friend”, not in charge, and to constantly show the human failings of authority figures.

In other words, we have created an environment in which “semi-adults” with adult hormones interact with adults in a way that is too familiar and leads to more opportunities and temptations for sexual contact.

That is part of why more and more people decide to home school and go our of their way to exclude worldly influences from the home. Worldly influence is rotting our families from the inside out.

With this background, it is disappointing more than shocking that kids in a high school drama class (between classes) were filming a video that involved four of the girls stripping down to their underwear. The students involved were suspended for at least 2-3 days. At least they weren’t an 11-year old in possession of a butter knife, they might have been arrested and suspended for ten days . Talk about a pervasive attitude of make love, not war.

The illegitimacy rate is out of control. Pardon my yelling, but IF ANYTHING PROVES THAT GOVERNMENT SOLUTIONS DON’T WORK, THIS IS IT. In the early 1960’s, the black illegitimacy rate was 22% which led to several decades of government programs to fix the underlying problems. After more than $1 Trillion spent, and 40+ years later, the black illegitimacy rate has declined. As of 2002, the rate is down from 68.4% to 68.0%. The White illegitimacy rate was 22.9% as compared to 1.9% in 1956. Hispanic illegitimacy rates are in the 40%+ range (there are no official numbers from the 1960’s for this group).

Our schools are teaching s
afe sex instead of abstinence. Marriage is losing its’ special place because of gay marriage and other cultural influences. Our media is completely saturated with sexual images.

Unfortunately, our children are getting the message and all too well.

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