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Africa is one of the most difficult places to provide humanitarian aid to.

There is a massive amount of corruption and thuggery going on and the food is never really fairly distributed to the people it is intended to help.

Zimbabwe is an example of this problem.

White farmers are being forced out of the country by fiat and the farms are then given to friends of the president of Zimbabwe, Pres. Mugabe (pronounced MOO-GAH-BAY). According to several accounts, the farms are far less productive and causing food shortage problems in the country. Pres. Mugabe blames the problem on drought and sanctions against his country.

According to the article:

Last year, some 700,000 people lost their homes or livelihoods in a government demolition campaign aimed at street vendors, market stall holders and allegedly illegal housing.

I blame Pres. Mugabe and his like-minded minions for the problems they are having. With the continued oppressive actions of his government, it is hard for the economy to grow and help his people.

What about in the United States?

Real Headline: Orlando: Please Do Not Feed The Homeless, Law Limits Feeding Large Groups Of People In Parks.

Cities are trying like crazy to attract money more than anything. Nothing like having government coffers full of tax money to do whatever the heck it is that governments do with money.

In efforts to keep the city ship shape for investors, Orlando has increased the number of ordinances designed to drive out the homeless. Now groups seeking to feed the homeless with their own dollars are required to have permits to feed more than 25 people. These permits will only be issued to the same applicant twice a year.

I guess it is easier to just drive out all the homeless than to crack down on the most obnoxious ones. [e.g. public urination, trespassing, public drunkenness, etc…]

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