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The Arabs teach an eternal hatred for the Jews and the State of Israel.

A brief history of the Arab-Israeli conflict is contained at this page. Much of the information referenced is found there. Even though it is brief, it is a lot of reading.

In 1947, the U.N. proposed dividing the land of Palestine into Jewish and Arab areas with an international zone in Jerusalem. The Jewish people accepted the idea the Arabs did not. The “Palestinians” are Arabs that have been rejected by all of the other Arab nations.

There has been a regular state of armed conflict in the land of Palestine.

In 1948, there was a War of Independence, Israel Won. Arabs call this war the “Nakba” meaning disaster.

The Sinai Campaign began in 1954 and continued sporadically for about two years.

In 1955, Yasser Arafat formed the Fatah Party with the avowed purpose of destroying Jews and Israel.

In 1967, the 6-Day War ended with Israel seizing large areas of land that formerly belonged to Egypt and Jordan. Israel gave back the lands to Egypt for peace and kept much of the original land of Israel from Old Testament times. There was a new problem of handling the Palestinian Arabs that lived in the new land won by Israel.

The War of Attrition was begun shortly after the Six-Day war.

The Yom-Kippur (pronounce Yom-Kih-Poor) War in October 1973 led to a truce again, although Israel was not too prepared that time.

After the Yom-Kippur War, the Arabs imposed an Oil Embargo on the United State and the Netherlands because of their support for Israel.

The PLO began a civil war on Lebanon which led to attacks on Israel which led to Israel invading Lebanon in 1978. Israel withdrew shortly after when the UN passed a resolution to provide peace keepers.

After the murder of an official of Israel by Lebanese terrorists, Israel again invaded Lebanon in 1982. The PLO was driven from Lebanon before Israel brought their army back.

The PLO has also been given official recognition by the U.N.. The PLO’s avowed purpose is the destruction of the State of Israel. The Fatah Party has the same purpose.

The First Intifada began in 1987 with Palestinian Arabs engaging in minor acts of violence and other ways of seeking international sympathy.

There have been several attempts at peace and they have all failed. The Second Intifada has gone on. The Oslo peace process has failed. The suicide bomber attacks continue.

The Arab society continues to teach hatred of the Jews.

Here is a video and the transcript of a television interview of two children. They are very cute and adorable to listen to in their little voices. They are both in kindergarten and the children of of Palestinian Arab (scroll down) suicide bomber Rim Al-Riyashi. She killed herself on Jan. 14, 2005 leaving behind two small children. She was 23.

The children are fine and appear to be happy about their mother’s death. There is much that can be said about a society that can successfully indoctrinate a woman to kill herself and leave her two small children behind (and none of it positive). This does not seem to be a problem among the Jews.

The problem will not go away anytime soon until the Second Coming when the Arabs are killed en masse the Arabs stop teaching blind hatred of the Jews. Of course, this is what will likely continue to lead to the battle of Armageddon and the war against Israel.

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