If you are LDS, you believe the Book of Mormon.

It is plainly taught that animal sacrifices are no longer to be offered up.  We are to make a sacrifice of a broken heart and a contrite spirit.  I’ve always wondered what it meant, exactly.

I think I have finally realized part of what that may mean.  Like most profound teachings, the meanings behind them come in layers of deeper and deeper understanding.

Here is one thing I have found.

We already have a broken heart.  Our human foibles and follies are evidence of our broken nature.  We have hard feelings sometimes.  We get angry, upset, hateful, depressed, lonely, and have many other negative emotions.  These are part of our human experience.  If we handle our experiences properly, they will be for our good.

So how can I sacrifice my broken heart?

One way I deal with my negative emotions, is by writing them out.  If I have negative feelings about a relationship, event, or circumstance, I write it out.  I have written out pages and pages about past events, current events, past relationships, current relationships, and current circumstances.  It is quite liberating to be completely honest about how I feel with things past and present.  I reduce these long-hidden feelings to writing.

Of course, I write them on paper and to get rid of the negative emotions, I burn them.  It has symbolic meaning.  Fire is a great cleanser and purifier.  It is also part of how animals were sacrificed in the Law of Moses.  It is a way of offering up a sacrifice of my broken heart.  I am taking my written log of negative feelings from my broken heart, and then burning it with the intent of replacing the negative emotions with positive and uplifting ones.

I’m offering up a broken heart, piece by piece, and replacing it with true Peace.

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