UPDATE: it appears that the more senior attorney who was on the same case may have been responsible but the junior attorney took the fall.  See here.

Attorneys get in trouble too. And when they do, it can make it into many sources. Due to some inside information and some pretty well done detective work by Abovethelaw.com, there is a name associated with the attorney who got in trouble. In fact, she got fired resigned and received a written lecture from Federal District Court Judge Dale Kimball.

Angela Stander had stamped the cover page of her filing on a Friday and then filed it with the rest of her document the next Wednesday. She even had a misspelling in the titles of the documents filed with the court. According to the order from the judge, this had happened once before and the court was hoping it was merely a mistake and would not happen again. The court also previously told the attorney that they are liberal in granting extensions when additional time is needed in an order less than one month before the recent deceptive filing was attempted.

The Order related to the filings was just to correct the date of the filing, and to censure the attorney about their practice.

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