I was at a viewing the other day.  A granddaughter to the dearly departed was late.  As the viewing was ending and the casket was being closed for the last time, the granddaughter showed up at the back of the room.  She felt powerless to ask for a few moments and I saw the emotional tragedy unfolding.  She was heartbroken that she was too late to see her grandmother’s body one last time.

I sat there thinking, “someone should say something”.  It was killing me to see this emotional turmoil unfolding.  The granddaughter would miss out on once-in-a-lifetime event because she was late.  The casket was even being closed slowly enough so that the moment of loss was prolonged.  Again I thought: “someone really should say something”.

Then I had an epiphany.  I *am* someone.  So I spoke up to ask for a few more moments and an emotional tragedy was averted.

How often have you seen something sad, improper, or inappropriate unfolding and said nothing?  All it takes is to get past your discomfort and do something.

Be someone who makes a difference and speak up.

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