My grandfather is in the hospital dying.  He has congestive heart failure and will probably die in the next day or two.  Not bad for an 89 year old guy.  His wife of 65 years just died a few days ago.  She was 82.  If you do the math, that means they got married when he was 24 and she was 17.  Both of them have lived long and full lives.

My grandfather served in WWII.  He was wounded in the invasion of Sicily, later served as a forward scout, and got wounded again.  He still has shrapnel in his body from the war that the doctors did not think was worth taking out.  He had a massive heart attack in the mid 1980’s that left him with less than half of his previously normal heart function.  He recovered and kept working at different projects he loved.  He had knee replacement surgery and kept going.  He recently had a pacemaker put in because he was having fainting spells.  Then that one gave out and he had another one put in.  He is only finally passing on now because he and his wife had an agreement that she would go first.

My grandmother was living in my grandfather’s home town when he returned from serving in the Army.  They met and got married.  My grandmother had Celiac disease and poly-cystic kidney disease.  Because of her weakness in her kidneys, she used all sorts of herbal remedies that were supposed to promote kidney health.  Her kidney disease is often fatal due to high blood pressure and renal failure.  After a team of doctors examined her over many visits over many years, they did express their surprise (and I suspect some delight) that she was living so long.  She finally died this week of complications related to her own congestive heart failure.

I’m sure my grandmother was welcomed joyously when she died.  I’m equally sure my grandfather will be welcomed just as joyfully when he dies.

Death really is just another step along the path of our progression.  In order for us to progress, we have to die.

Just as certainly as we all die, we will all be made alive again.  It is part of the plan.

I’m glad to know things are going according to plan.

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