Too many tragic stories include the often heard phrase: “I didn’t think it could happen to me”.

One of the best ways to be prepared is to realize that it can happen to you then take reasonable precautions.

I realize that it is possible that a woman could enter into my life and wreck my marriage.  Because it is possible I guard against it by maintaining a certain distance in my relationships with women who I am not already married to.  I realize that a man could also enter my wife’s life and wreck our marriage so I continue to maintain our relationship and continuously court her.  I am prepared to keep my marriage happy and healthy by realizing that there is a possibility of bad things happening and injuring our marriage.

I realize that our home could be broken into, accidents or fires can happen, and other possibly dangerous events.  So I lock the doors at night (and during the day too if we are not in and out of the house regularly), take reasonable precautions for our safety, and maintain against certain hazards.  It is part of being mindful of certain risks.

I had a friend who left his bike out overnight and was warned that he should probably bring his bike inside because of the rough part of town he lived in.  He replied “I’m not worried, I’ve got two bikes”.  Both of his bikes were stolen within 30 days of uttering that phrase.

Most of these incidents are anecdotal, but they prove the point that to be prepared, you have to be aware that bad things can happen.  Don’t be paranoid and worried.  Take reasonable precautions to prevent foreseeable problems and most of your worries will take care of themselves.  Casting caution to the wind and believing you are immune to danger or risks will only end in heart break, pain, and that dreadful phrase: “I didn’t think it could happen to me.”

Remember that it can happen to you, be prepared, and quit worrying.

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