We are losing our freedoms.  Our God-given freedoms.  One of the biggest culprits in this ongoing struggle is a foundational shift in philosophy.

We have changed our vocabulary to talk about civil rights instead of God-given rights.  We have embraced civil law instead of natural law.  This change of philosophical orientation is endangering the freedoms we all hold dear.

When this country was founded, it was understood by the voters and the elected officials that our freedoms and rights were a gift from God.  It was also understood that the enacted laws and the common law wisdom of the courts would be used to implement Natural Law.

Natural Law is the law handed down from our Creator given to govern our lives and better our circumstances.  It always had a divine origin and was for our benefit.  The rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights were based on a Natural Law concept of divinely given rights.  It makes sense that people would be free to live according to their conscience and not allow government to force a particular religion on the people.  Of course you can travel, be secure in your personal items and papers, not be forced to incriminate yourself, defend yourself with arms, be forced to quarter soldiers, or to lose your land to the vagaries of government action without proper compensation.  And of course, you generally are allowed to be free just in case they forgot to list the ways you can be free.

Natural Law helped to provide the most free and prosperous nation in the world.  We need a return to Natural Law.  The faster we return to Natural Law, the faster we will restore our freedoms.

Under Natural Law, you would not have the right to have government force others to pay for your food, shelter, or healthcare.  Medical professionals actually used to donate a certain portion of their work to the poor who could not otherwise pay for their medical needs.  People felt responsible for their neighbors because it was part of the divinely given obligations to care for each other voluntarily and with love in their hearts.  Tasking the government with providing for the people only encouraged individuals to shirk their responsibility to care for their neighbors.

More importantly, your rights come from God and cannot arbitrarily be taken away from you.  By changing the language and philosophy to civil rights, or rights from the government, your rights are only as secure as the next election.

Natural Law is far superior to civil law.  Our society and freedoms are weakened by our mistaken reliance on man made law.

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