There are several philosophies espoused by people I know that are at odds with the theology of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints specifically and with Christianity in general yet these same people identify with these religious philosophies.  As politics, philosophy, and religion seem to unify in public forums, it is appropriate to address these issues as they intermingle across culture and politics.

It seems that people study and learn new things then become impressed with these new ideas and think that their religion is either wrong or should be improved in some way.

That type of thinking is exactly backwards.  Theological Truths should be used to refine philosophical thinking.  Many current philosophies have a some truth to them mixed with damaging and false teachings.  Religious study will help people to better know the difference.

Here are a few examples.

Feminism.  Feminists have the truth that women have been poorly treated and oppressed in the past.  That is true.  Women should not be held back and should be free to pursue their righteous desires.  Where this philosophy departs from truthful principles is where it over-emphasizes the importance of women.  Ideas are evaluated solely on how they will impact women without due consideration of how these same ideas will impact men.  Christianity advocates for unity of people and a focus on the welfare of all people regardless of gender.  Where feminism ignores these equally valid considerations, it deviates from Christianity.

Scientific Pursuits.  Science is extremely useful and provides benefits not easily obtained via other means.  Some people have accepted the mistaken idea that all truth must be scientifically verifiable.  Science is all about what can be tested and observed via the five senses, whether experimentation will verify any given hypothesis.  There are many truths not encompassed in the scientific method.   Remembering there is a Creator who made the Universe is important in scientific discourse.

Social Liberal Policies.  It is true that we should help our fellow man or woman.  We are supposed to serve and help even our enemies.  Where social liberal policies go off course is using the power of government to take tax money and spend it for other individuals.  This is a different form of armed robbery.  Charity is no longer charity when it is forced.

Abortion.  There is a time and place where birth control and abortion may be appropriate.  Each case is highly circumstantial.  The current laws are an abomination to common sense.  My wife of 14 years could get pregnant and have an abortion and I could do nothing about it.  There is exactly zero consideration to a father’s natural rights or interest in an unborn child.  A teenager in Texas was sentenced two two life sentences for murder because his girlfriend hectored him into standing on her stomach until she miscarried with twins.  He went to prison, she went free.  The status quo is reprehensible.

There are a few other guiding principles in political discourse that should be noted as well.

  • Advocating for good or righteous behavior is not the same as wanting to compel good behavior.
  • Freedom without righteous principles is anarchy and will devalue, dehumanize, demoralize, and detach humanity from itself.
  • Freedom with righteous principles is liberty.
  • Freedom as envisioned by the God is the freedom to pursue righteous goals and desires in spite of our past sins and current imperfections.
  • Freedom to do whatever you want without regard to righteous principles is freedom as envisioned by Satan.  It is dressed up hedonism and will lead to bondage.

It is much better to listen to and follow Godly principles.  These principles will lead to peace and happiness.

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