I’ve lost a lot of respect for Greg Hawkins this week because I expected so much more from him.

Greg Hawkins is the Salt Lake County Auditor, and as a public official is subject to scrutiny and criticism of his public acts.

Salt Lake County is changing their procedures in the budgetary process and cutting the Auditor’s office out of some the its’ prior duties.

The Auditor decided to file suit to stop this.

The problem is that Greg Hawkins decided the best person to represent his office in court also happened to be his former law partner who would be charging $450/hr. without going through the normal budgetary channels for approving this type of expense.

It is possible that this is in fact the best person to represent the Auditor’s office.  It also seems rather fishy to hire a former law partner to do the work at $450/hr. while going outside of the normal channels approving the expenditure when you are the Auditor.

Whether this expenditure was sought as the spoils of office or mere oversight, of all people who should know better, it would be the County Auditor.

Hopefully Greg Hawkins will issue a public apology and explanation for his actions.

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