Messages are important.

Some messages are clear, other messages are  not so clear.

We often have mis-communication, anger, frustration, and sadness when the message received was not the message intended.

The best kind of misunderstanding is where the parties quickly discover the dis-junct and laugh about it.  Communications and misunderstandings can happen in an continuing cycle where the parties communicating have an ongoing relationship and can further refine the ability to correctly understand the messages sent in an open and honest two way communication.

There is a second and worse kind of misunderstanding where where the misunderstanding is potentially never discovered.

The person may be completely convinced that they have properly understood the message and then continue to act based on a misunderstanding.

For example, a person might listen to a gospel message such as “God loves you.”  Or maybe even after praying feel very reassured that God loves them.

That is a perfectly true statement that God Loves You.  It is.  No matter who you are or what you may have done, God loves you.

The misunderstanding later comes when this same person takes the “God loves me” message and takes it to mean that there is no need to improve behaviors or seek to further align your thoughts with God’s thoughts.  Love does not mean and complete agreement with your behavior or philosophies.

Another message might be about the importance of being humble and taking this to mean that you should hate yourself and have poor self-esteem.

Please take some time to re-think the messages you are listening to, what they mean, and how you might be mistaken about what they mean.  It could be a very enlightening experience.

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