Rachel Vermillion is a student at BYUIdaho.

Not that long ago, she took a test in the testing center, went to a meeting with her Ecclesiastical leader and then went to the testing center for another test.

Upon arrival for her second test, she was turned away by the dude who is in charge of admitting students for taking tests because he thought she was wearing clothes that were too tight fitting.

She was dressed for the second test just like she was for the first test although I suspect there was a shift change at the testing center.

Here is a picture of Rachel Vermillion in her oh-so-offensive attire:

Rachel Vermillion

As you can see, she appears to be healthy, happy, and probably fun to hang out with.

While I do not know for certain about the motivations of the student who turned her away from the testing center, it appears that perhaps he was too-enamored with Rachel’s looks and did not know how to handle the situation.

BYUIdaho has said that skinny jeans are in fact OK, even though Rachel was not wearing skinny jeans.

Perhaps this could be seen as an awkward compliment that the test administrator was uncomfortable or otherwise unable to tolerate her good looks and presence in the testing center.

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