The Occupy Wall Street Crowd has a point (except for the Anti-Semitism which is disgusting and dangerous).

Congress and the White House have been bought and paid for by big business and financial interests.  Neither party will do the right thing when the gravy train is threatened.

Both parties continue to follow policies, enact laws, create regulations, and other official acts of government power that directly benefit large corporations and financial interests.

The Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit reduced the pension and insurance costs of many large corporations by shifting their contractual obligations to retirees to the government.  Thanks Republicans!

95% of the TARP bailout went to 30 companies who happen to regularly donate to both parties, but the TARP bailout happened under Bush 43.  Thanks Republicans!

The Bailouts under President Obama have largely benefited Unions and their fellow travelers which is also very big business.  Thanks Democrats!

Many of the current fiscal and financial policies and bailouts have benefited Goldman Sachs where Tim Geitner used to work who is currently the Secretary of the Treasury.  Thanks Democrats!

The current Health Care legislation has created rules, regulations, and other barriers to competition that will keep private health insurance out of the hands of the little people (the 99%) and make the rest dependent on the grace of government for health care.  Thanks Democrats!

Both parties are making bad decisions for the people they are supposed to be representing but are great for the people paying their campaign funds.

A recent example of this was the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform act.  One part of this act relates to debit card transaction fees.  Banks used to make a fair amount of money on these transactions leading to banks offering free checking for their customers.  With vigorous lobbying efforts by large retailers like WalMart these fees were reduced by government power (instead of the ‘free market’ we are supposed to have) and the banks are now collecting less fees.  This has caused many financial institutions to do away with free checking and adding fees to these previously free accounts.

The system is rigged in favor of the rich and powerful.  The mountain of laws, regulations, and government programs are making it impossible for small businesses to grow and compete with the large businesses.

If a mom and pop retailer wanted to open up in a small town, they would be met with a large list of regulations to follow and licenses to qualify for in addition to the property and sales taxes to pay.  If Wal-Mart wants to open a new store, they are often met with tax holidays, business and building permits pre-approved and the site of their choice.  It is not a fair competition.  Big business is given preferential treatment, not fair treatment.  Governments at the local, state, and federal level have chosen sides in this competitive environment.

The profits of these large companies are private while the losses are public.  We are compelled by government to bail out these large companies who were not content with simple, safe, and predictable profits and instead sought to chase larger and larger returns.  When the illusion collapsed, they were bailed out and left the taxpayers (and China) holding the increasingly worthless bag.

Capitalism is not the problem.  Corruption is the problem.  Politicians are paid via their campaign funds and other more creative ways to buy favor and votes to benefit these large businesses.

Getting the money out of politics is one place to start.  Abolishing corporations is another.

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