OK, not really.  This headline was just screaming to be written after I read about this argument between Kirk Jowers and Peter Valcarce in the news of late.

You see, Mr. Valcarce is paid to prepare political mailings for candidates and elected officials alike.

Mr. Valcarce has demanded that $75,000 be removed from a scholarship fund for college students after he made an anonymous donation to fund scholarships at the University of Utah.

But there is more to the story, which I have left out from the beginning of this story much like the 95% of political mailings I receive.

Keep reading for more of the story.  I really am fair in my writing.

Rob Bishop should do the right thing and tell Peter Valcarce to take a chill pill and support Kirk Jowers and the students.

If you have not been following this tempest in a teapot, I don’t blame you.

The Deseret News and the Salt Lake Tribune have both reported on this matter.

Based on these two stories, Mr. Valcarce formed a private charitable foundation which had sizable assets and no donations for several years.

The IRS had a problem with that and Mr. Valcarce made a donation to the University of Utah and BYU under pressure of his foundation being broken up by the IRS.

About two weeks after this $200,000 donation to the U of U was made, Mr. Valcare was sent a thank you note indicating that the money was split two ways.  $125,000 to a Rob Bishop scholarship at the Hinckley Institute of Politics, and $75,000 to the “Kirk and Kristen Jowers International Scholarship Fund”.

There may have been a demand for all of the money to be put in the Rob Bishop Scholarship Fund, but the sources conflict on the timing.

Last fall, Eric Wright was in Washington, D.C. working as an intern from the Hinckley Institute of Politics and died in an accident there.  Eric Wright is the son of Doug Wright who is a popular local radio show host in Salt Lake City.  Kirk Jowers offered to match $25,000 from the International Scholarship Fund to help fund the Eric Wright Memorial Scholarship.

Mr. Valcarce decided to find out if the money he donated was in the Jowers Fund or not.  The money was still in the Jowers fund and Valcarce renewed his demand that the money be moved out immediately.  Mr. Jowers agreed to move $40,000 out of the fund a year ago and then move the remaining $35,000 when additional donations and funding arrived to replace it.

Now Mr. Valcarce has decided to send out an attack mailing against Mr. Jowers and to discourage donations to the University of Utah calling this decision to hold off on removing the remaining $35,000 “theft”.

It is completely reasonable to keep the Jowers fund at a level that will allow for current scholarships and future promised scholarships to be paid.  The corpus of the endowment is not supposed to be invaded, but the earnings from the fund pay for the scholarships.  If there are students already benefiting from these scholarships, it would be stupid and immoral to just remove the money because Mr. Valcarce is throwing a fit about the disposition of his formerly anonymously donated funds.

It is not without irony that Mr. Valcarce decided to act after he heard about a matching donation of $25,000 for an Eric Wright Memorial Scholarship when Eric was interning for Rob Bishop when he died and wanted the full $200,000 to be for a Rob Bishop Scholarship fund.

Perhaps Rob Bishop could be the statesman to resolve this dispute and tell the public he is okay if some money was put in a memorial scholarship for one of his interns.  That would be nice.  Also if he stated that it is also a good idea to continue to fund existing scholarships no matter what name is on the scholarship.

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