OK, not really.  Don’t fight about this.

Because it is a common point of disagreement, here are some thoughts about the argument.

The argument seems to go something like this:

Side 1: “All you need is the Grace of God.  Simply accept Jesus as Savior in your heart and you will be saved”.

Side 2: “No, accepting Jesus is not enough.  You are also expected to do good works”.

Side 1: “You think your works will save you!  You think that you can save yourself!”

Side 2: “How else will God judge us if not by our works?  Judas Iscariot was accepted by Jesus as an apostle, yet Judas betrayed Jesus!  Was Judas saved in spite of his bad actions?”

(Repeat various iterations of these ideas with a dash of personal insults, ad nauseum, THE END).

I see Grace vs. Works as a false dichotomy.  There really is no reason to argue about it unless you just like arguing.

If you just like arguing, you are kindly invited to quit reading now and find someone else to pick a fight with.

Thank You.

Grace and Works are both a vital part of salvation.  At least you can admit that grace is very important, and good works are good things. I know I’d rather see people doing good things than bad things.

This false dichotomy falls under the category of competing values or ideas.  Just take a moment to compare Grace and Works.

If  you were to place them in order of importance to salvation, which one is most important?

Grace is far and away number one, hands down.  There is no room for reasonable disagreement on this point.


The Grace of God is responsible for the entirety of creation.  If not for the creation, we would not be here in the first place trying to make it to live with God.

The Grace of God is responsible for the Atonement and Christ’s decision to go through with it.  It was his love and desire to make our lives better that led to the great and last sacrifice of Jesus.  He voluntarily paid for our sins because of his love for us.

It is His grace that saves us.

There is no way someone could do enough good things to be saved if it were not for the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Works have a part too, but not as large a part as Grace.

It takes Faith to accept Jesus as Savior.  We do not have personal knowledge of his life, mission, actions on earth, or other things related to Jesus Christ.  It takes works to nourish our faith.

Faith without works is dead.  Jesus Christ commanded people to do good things.  He was teaching of good things to do and to believe more than listing things to avoid.

If we want to follow Christ, we must do the things He said to do.

This means doing good works.

Both parts are essential, but Grace is more important than Works.

Please stop arguing, Christians really do have a lot of common ground.

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