You may have heard about the law of attraction, or other laws of success.

Maybe you think they are Creatively Researched Archaic Principles (or C.R.AP.)

Well, whatever you think of them, here is an interesting story that happened this week.  Make of it what you will.

My wife found out from a friend of hers that if you dig down a few inches, creating a trench of sorts, you can effectively block grass from encroaching on your flower beds.

So my wife got busy in the front yard and probably dug approximately 40 feet of trench to keep the grass where the grass goes.

In the back yard, my wife was digging along our fence line and dug about 20 more feet of trench.  I offered to help her finish the trench so we could go inside.  It had been a long day.

I started to dig, and in the space of about 10 feet of trench digging, I unearthed three large rocks (about the size of a football or larger) and probably another 7 or 8 rocks the size of my fist.

My wife had only found a few small rocks in her digging.

It has been my experience digging in the garden, for fence posts or other things that there are large rocks everywhere.

I tried to put in a couple of fence posts a couple years ago for the garden and could only go down about ten inches at the most before running into very large rocks in every place I tried digging.

So my experience led me to expect to find big rocks and I sure found them when I began digging.

My wife found only a few small rocks (she did not have the history to expect all the rocks, I guess).

We are tentatively planning to build a large swing set play area next year.

I told my wife she will be the one picking where we dig the post holes then.

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