I have heard up close and personal from people a few years ago and again in the last few weeks about how some people who are LDS have reconciled their same-gender attraction with LDS theology.

It is interesting and sad to hear.

It is a personal conversion story about someone who was struggling with same-gender attraction or of a loved one and seeing that they are a good person in every other way and trying to reconcile how such a good person could have these seemingly innocent desires that are supposedly so sinful?

The person then prays to know that they/their loved one is acceptable to God, just as they are.  Then they begin to think about things some more and pray some more and then come to the conclusion that the LDS church is wrong about same gender attraction as long as the person follows all of the same rules for opposite gender couples (i.e. if it is a loving, monogamous coupling based in love and not lust).

Because the Church has made revelatory announcements from time to time they believe that they are ahead of the curve on the next major announcement regarding the LDS faith, that same gender couples will be accepted by God and the Church just hasn’t caught up yet.  The comparison with the revelation about the Priesthood in 1978 bolsters their belief.

This is a deceptively convincing argument that is very tempting and takes advantage of people struggling with their own identity and what matters most to them.  It gives them an easy out.

There is at least one major flaw with this argument from an LDS theology perspective.

The order of revelation.  We believe in ongoing revelation and that some things may change in the future.  We also believe that any church wide doctrinal changes must be announced from the President and First Presidency of the Church.  It is a matter of stewardship.

As a father or mother you may receive personal revelation for your family.  As a home or visiting teacher you may receive revelation about what to teach your assigned families or be inspired about ways to serve and reach out to them.  As a class president, primary teacher, organization president you may receive revelation related to your stewardship.  As a priesthood leader may receive revelation related to the quorum and how to help it along.  The bishop can receive revelation for the ward, and so on for all of the callings in the church.  These revelations related to your stewardship are also supposed to be in harmony with Church doctrine.

So what about personal revelation about doctrinal matters that are not taught by the Church?  The scriptures talk about the faithful receiving additional truths than the ones taught in the scriptures if they are faithful.  I believe that is true.  The people who receive these additional gems of truth also do not talk about it.  It is not their place to teach about it.  The people who receive these additional truths have the spiritual maturity to not talk about it because it has not yet been revealed to the church at large and it would not be proper to discuss or share these truths.

People advocating this belief about same gender attraction are violating basic principles of revelation by talking and teaching about it when it has not been announced or taught as LDS doctrine.

That alone should raise some warning flags about where the inspiration for these beliefs may be coming from.  Satan is a very skilled counterfeiter.

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