George Orwell (1984) and Aldous Huxley (Brave New World) both wrote books about a dystopian future. They were meant to be predictive and cautionary tales about people who no longer think for themselves, have meaning in their lives and allow the government to gain total control of the people.

Orwell’s vision was an oppressive political party which was interested in intellectual purity among the party members (about 15% of the people) and the rest of the people were considered too stupid or weak to worry about.  One of the goals in controlling the party was to take all of the joy out of sex.  For the married women it was supposed to be a “duty” to the party (without enjoyment) to try and have kids and complete abstinence before marriage.  Later in the book it is revealed that the party scientists are actively working to destroy the climax of the men.

Huxley’s vision of the future is a place where science has conquered all of society in a perfectly planned world where sex is not necessary for propagation but was used almost exclusively for recreation and hedonistic pleasure.  Women and men swap partners without a second thought and sex is a very pervasive part of their lives.

What both books had is common is destruction of the traditional family.  The bonds between men and women in marriage weakened party loyalty in 1984 and the bond to societal goodness and harmony in A Brave New World.  By breaking down traditional family values a larger governing body was better able to control and pacify the target population.

Our national government is growing in power and control in each and every aspect of our lives.  Media outlets are more than happy to entertain and distract us while taking our money for the joy of participating.  We are not in a 1984 world or like a Brave New World yet.  We have a unique hybrid where we are fed lies, people no longer critically think or analyze issues of the day, and the government and business work hand in hand to gain more power.

So where are we today?  Is society pushing to destroy traditional family values?  Are people happier with these changes?  Why does the breakdown of traditional family values make us weaker and easier to manage?

Society is destroying traditional family values.  We have no-fault divorce for when couples haven’t actually done anything wrong to each other but just want out.  We have court ordered child support when a couple was never married but had sex that ended up with a pregnancy.  There is little or no pressure to marry or stay married to care for children.  If a woman has a child but does not want to identify the father, there are welfare benefits for single moms.

If you don’t ever want to have children you can be sterilized.  If you are a woman who is pregnant you can have an abortion without consulting or telling anyone who has an interest in the pregnancy, even a husband of many years when you have several children together.  The husband has no recourse other than divorce which would be harmful to the children.

Society has put in place the legal framework and network of benefits to soften the natural consequences of this kind of behavior. The Washington Post “Faith” section on June 7, 2010 was cheering the separation of Al and Tipper Gore calling the expectation that people keep their wedding vows these days “unrealistic”.  I thought the Faith section would be in favor of keeping covenants.

There is no lack of outlets suggesting and encouraging casual sex, self gratification, and the use of pornography.  Anything goes if it feels good.  People are glamorized for their promiscuity and good looks.

The natural consequences to this kind of lifestyle are a body riddled with STD’s, unwanted pregnancies, depression, and a profound cynicism for life.  To counteract these things we have many new wonder drugs, free condoms, abortion clinics, millions of dollars for AIDS research, psychological treatments and community activities designed to help us find meaning in spite of our choices.

The only beneficiary of the breakdown of the family is the government that wants to control us.  If we cannot rule our selves we will be ruled by someone else.

Family gives you roots and branches.  In a strong family tradition you have a sense of personal history, love of the land, love of people.  You care where you came from and where your choices are taking you.  Nothing roots you in a pattern of better decision making like thinking about how it will affect your children and grandchildren.

Orwell and Huxley were right, destruction of the family is necessary for totalitarian rule.  In order to fight the forces of governmental control we need govern ourselves.

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