UPDATE: The good congressman had a press conference to apologize for his actions and made no excuses. He was tossed several soft ball questions to give him an opportunity to make an excuse for his actions including questions about:

  • whether there was other physical contact not on the video
  • did you feel physically threatened
  • was anything yelled off camera
  • are you accustomed to people shoving a camera in your face
  • did you have a long day, frustration at partisan politics, was this a breaking point
  • were you being baited, was this a trick by the Republicans?

Mr. Etheridge made no excuses for his behavior and did not blame anyone.  He still shouldn’t be returned to congress this fall.   This is the press conference:

In spite of this, the National Democratic party is defending the congressman and actually arguing that this kind of behavior was acceptable if they were Republican operatives.  What about decorum and not laying your hands on political opponents?  The incident was not exactly peaceful.

Sad. [End of update, original post below.]

We are supposed to be a nation of laws and not of men. Will this congressman be charged with a crime?

Time will tell.