With all of the proposed solutions from doing nothing, to amnesty and full forgiveness, to deporting all of them and making them try again, here is what I hope is a reasonable middle solution that most parties could get behind.

Here are a few of the premises this solution is based on.  1- The people south of border are flocking here because there are better opportunities here and the official are less corrupt.  2- The people coming here illegally are here to work and provide a better life for their families.  3- We have left the border unguarded for so long and the penalties have been so slight that it would not be fair to suddenly have a change of policy and kick them all out.  4-  We seriously need to get a handle on immigration if we want to claim that the southern border is actually a border and not just a suggestion.  5- This plan is subject to change as more information becomes available.

First: Seriously protect the border, increase the penalties for crossing illegally, and conduct all official business in the English language.

Our border control policy with Mexico would be a joke if it was not so serious.  We are not making even a reasonable  effort to control and defend the border.  We have allowed millions of people to emigrate here almost as of there is no border at all.

There are stories of drug cartels hiring Mexican government trained and equipped military to escort drug shipments across the border.  Kidnapping and violence is endemic along the border with Mexico.  Baghdad is a safer city than some of the border town in the United States.

The penalty for crossing the border illegally is a small fine if we feel like it.  Being here without proper documentation can lead to deportation.  This is a very small penalty and does very little deter illegal border crossing.  There should be a stiff penalty attached to sneaking in to the country, like a permanent ban from the country.  We should not put them in prison because the prisons are crowded enough already.

We also need to encourage the illegal immigrants here to learn English and become more integrated into society.  Printing things in English and Spanish is expensive and defeats the purpose of having an American Culture.

Next: Identify and give some kind of official status to all of the illegal immigrants here right now.

We are told the people who come here illegally are mostly good people who are just looking for a better life and to provide for their family.  That is a good thing.  We can give them work visas with a bar against gaining citizenship because they did not come here legally.  If they want to work, let them work.

Allow the workers to have the same protections (Workers’ Compensation and minimum wage laws) as regular citizens here as well.  It will help to remove any of the incremental advantages to hiring illegals and slow down the identity theft that is so common among illegal immigrants.

As part of identifying the illegal immigrants here, we should fingerprint them and run a criminal background check to see if they have some kind of criminal record other than illegal border crossing.  If they do, then they should be deported and barred from re-entry.  Similarly, membership in or close association with groups like La Raza Unida or other Mexican Nationalist groups entrenched here should also be a basis for deportation.

Finally: Allow for a more streamlined legal entry process.

We need to increase the quotas allowed for legal immigration from Mexico and points south.  We could allow for a two tiered entry procedure.  If you want to come here to work, we will allow millions of people here who want to work.  If you are coming here with the purpose of gaining citizenship, then the numbers should be more limited.

A large part of the reason we have illegal immigration here is because there is no reasonable way for someone from Mexico to come here in any kind of timely fashion.  The waiting list to come here legally is more than 10 years in many cases and over 15 years for some countries.  The system for legal immigration from Mexico is clearly broken and we can do better.

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