A black market arises when some product or service is wanted or needed and the legal channels for providing the product or service are not sufficient.

There are now black markets for illegal drugs, legal prescription drugs, certain firearms and weapons, Cuban cigars, and many other things that people obtain illegally.

Sometimes it is a good thing that things can only be obtained from black market sources.

What about beneficial things?  In times of scarcity things like fabric, medical supplies, sugar, gasoline, bottled water, and soap are in short supply and black markets form to provide these things people are willing to pay for.

Black markets are not inherently good or bad.  They simply reflect the reality that the legal channels for goods are not always providing what people want.  The things people buy from black markets can be good or bad.

So what about immigration?  The legal market provides for some immigration, but apparently not enough.

First, we should be flattered that so many people want to come in to our country that they are risking penalties for coming here illegally.

Second, we should look at what is broken about the system so that it is violated so regularly.

If we want to stop illegal immigration then we need to protect the border and stop new immigrants from coming in.  Instead we have waited until some people have been living here for 20 years or more before doing anything about it.  We need to guard the southern border to stop the flow.

If we as a nation are not making a big deal out of it and have done little to stop the flow of immigrants then it is not exactly fair for us to make a big huge deal out of it now and force the mass deportation of millions of people.  It would be a humanitarian disaster.

For some it is an appealing idea to send them all back and make them come back in the right way except that the waiting time for a regular person to come in legally is more than FIFTEEN YEARS if you are from Mexico or South America.  We legally limit the number of people who are allowed in each year so severely compared to the demand that of course people are coming here illegally.

Typically a person wants the protection of the law when it benefits them but is very interested in mercy when the full punishment of the law would be horrendous.  We tend to look at mitigating factors in the crime when a sentence is handed down.  It is a first time offense?  What was the real harm involved?  Is the person otherwise good?  Would treatment or counseling possibly help more than jail time?  After evaluating these factors then a sentence is handed down.

There are numerous stories of people who were arrested for sometimes serious crimes who escape from prison and live for 20 years or more having formed a new life and new identity living peaceably as productive members of society getting married and having families.  Then the law finally catches up with them.  Many people think that it would be a good idea to let them perhaps go on probation or something because they have shown they can behave for a long time.

How is this situation functionally different than the illegal immigrants who have lived here peaceably for so many years after crossing?

If we want to stop illegal immigration we need to increase the penalties and guard the border.  Right now there is no serious penalty and the border is unguarded in many areas so that there is little or no barrier to entry for the person determined to come here.  Mass deportation of millions of people should not be considered at this time.

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