So why do you cheer for something?  Do you cheer out of anger?  I generally cheer when something good happens that I am happy about.

It appears that the only reason people voted out Bob Bennett is because they were angry, at least if you believe the Deseret News or the Salt Lake Tribune.  The newspapers reported cheering after the second ballot where the top two finishers were Mike Lee and Tim Bridgewater and Bob Bennett was voted out.

It is as if the local papers here can’t even imagine people making a reasoned, considered opinion about the relative merits, strengths, and views of the candidates and deciding that Bob Bennett was not their guy.  It appears that the delegates wanted either Tim Bridgewater or Mike Lee instead.

Instead the D-News and the Trib want us to think that the delegates in a fit of rage were throwing a tantrum and simply voting against Bennett because he was the incumbent and Washington insiders are bad.  Those silly little toddlers are just acting out and do not know what is best for them.  [OK, that’s not exactly what they said, but that has been the tenor of their coverage of late.]

Dear Deseret News and Salt Lake Tribune: do not assume that you know the motivations behind the votes.  Do not assume that because  you are angry about the voting results that the voters must have been angry too.  Quit implying that the voters are too stupid or out of touch because they are politically active and want to move the country or state in a different direction.  Think a little harder about your news analysis instead of supplying a simple one-dimensional look at events.

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