The campaign for the U.S. Senate in Utah is heating up.  There are rumors flying that Mitt Romney will be introducing Senator Bennett at the state convention to further elevate his chances.

Mitt Romney HAS to support the established candidates because he wants to be one too.  Among the more conservative state delegates, Mitt Romney is not seen as a conservative.  The Romneycare health plan is used as a tool to disparage and argue against Obamacare.

Senator Bennett is polling behind Mike Lee in straw polls and apparently thinks that the best way to handle the problem is to attack Mr. Lee.   If  you want to attack an opponent for public office you should at least make sure that the allegations are true.

Senator Bennett has brought out military men including former senator from Utah Jake Garn for the sole purpose of attacking Mike Lee’s stance on the War in Afghanistan.  Radio commercials are playing with the same theme and a couple videos on YouTube have been produced.

Here are the main attack points in one of the videos:

  • Mike Lee wants to get the troops out of Afghanistan as soon as we can.
  • Mike Lee compares military service in Afghanistan to Meals on Wheels.
  • Mike Lee suggests there are more thugs in Utah County than Afghanistan.
  • Mike Lee is against the War on Terror.
  • Oh yeah, and 9/11, so be afraid.

This kind of campaigning is ridiculous, especially if you take more than about two minutes to actually look at what Mike Lee is saying.

Let’s look at getting the troops  home “as soon as we can”.  Mike Lee said that if we send the military to intervene, we should send them out with a specific mission with specific targets and security training goals so we know when we are done.  Then bring them home and do it quickly.  Leaving them out there with no clear objectives is demoralizing and leads to troops wondering why they are there.

I guess Bob Bennett wants to be the candidate in favor of leaving the troops there longer than necessary.

How about comparing military service to “meals on wheels”?  Meals on Wheels was a rhetorical device to illustrate that we should be performing military activities with the military rather than engaging in nation building.  That is an entirely appropriate position on the role of the military.

It seems that Bob Bennett thinks we should engage in nation building and hand holding of other countries rather than just removing threats to our security.

About more thugs in Utah County than in Afghanistan.  Mike Lee said that he has heard reports which he has been unable to verify that there were 100 or less active Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.  If that is true, then there are more “thugs” in Utah County and the military has been very effective already in eliminating the threat in Afghanistan.

Perhaps Bob Bennett has better information on the matter but has refused to share it with the rest of us.

The War on Terror and 9/11.  I don’t know where Mike Lee stands on the issue, but here is where I stand.  A war on terror is a dangerous thing because there is no official declared war, no scope of the field of battle, and no clear way to define victory.  A war with no end is a threat to our liberties more so than existing foreign enemies we have right now.

9/11 was a terrible day and has been used to justify all sorts of restrictions on our freedoms.  We need to deal with the real threats, not the attenuated or exaggerated threats.  Threats like the drug wars in Mexico reaching across our southern unsecured border.  Vote accordingly.

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