Our nation was originally never meant to be a welfare state.  This nation was founded by hard working individuals who wanted the states to get along, unite for foreign policy, protect property rights, and not infringe on our liberties.  It seems that now our we are at liberty to buy Coke or Pepsi, Chevy or Ford, McDonald’s or Burger King, but we are not even allowed to earn money and save it without being taxed first.

People have been thinking in terms of “take-home-pay” for decades because of the magic of automatic withholding.  It is a taxing politician’s dream come true.  If people had to make a payment for ongoing tax liabilities it would probably cause a tax revolt, but because the money is never really seen in the first place it doesn’t seem so bad.  The government has decided to take money from the financially successful people and give it to the less successful.

Helping people in need is a good thing to do.  When people give to the less fortunate, it is charity.  When money is taken by the threat of force, it is robbery.  Robin Hood was a folk hero for helping the poor by robbing the rich.

Those actions made Robin Hood an outlaw and anyone would have been legally justified in killing him because he was outside of the protection of the law.  Now the government is acting like Robin Hood to help the poor but now the actions of the government are legal.  If you fail to make your income tax payments you can end up in jail.  Make your own conclusions as to the morality of it.

Before the massive rise of the current welfare state, the poor, sick and unfortunate were cared for by charities.  Elderly people were cared for by their families or the community.  It was not a perfect system but then again, neither is the current government administered system.  At least under the voluntary system fraud is a lot less likely because of the more personal involvement of the givers and receivers.  The first recipients of government pensions were disabled veterans from the Revolutionary War who had served the country and sacrificed their own ability to work.

Now government benefits are available for the taking.  FHA loans, new home buyer programs, disability payments, food stamps, Section 8 housing, cash for clunkers, and a host of other programs are inviting people from all walks of life to feed at the public trough. The dishonest among us are fraudulently taking money from these programs too.

This year a full 47% of the people filing tax returns are expected to owe nothing this year or receive money back.  Many Politicians in power these days want make this imbalance even more pronounced and create a permanent underclass of devoted followers willing to keep them in power lest the benefits stop someday.  This is the end game of many of the entitlement programs.  Feed the people first, then enslave them.

We need to turn things around.  We need to cut back on welfare programs and empower people and charities to make up the difference.

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