The Senate recently rejected a reasonable solution for reversing recent reckless budget choices.

The proposed measure would have created a non-partisan panel to recommend and force congress to vote on deficit reduction measures after the November elections.  You can’t have congress voting on unpopular things before the election when you can at least put on a show like taxes and spending matter to our elected officials.  This measure had the full endorsement of President Obama.

Now that the measure was rejected in a bi-partisan vote the President is reported to be considering an Executive Order to create the commission with the same plan.  In other words the Executive Branch wants to force the Legislative Branch (a constitutionally co-equal branch of government) to vote on deficit reduction matters after the November elections.

This is crazy.  Congress does not want to take control of their own responsibility for controlling spending.  For decades the House of Representatives has been using the public treasury to buy their continued place in office in entitlement spending, never audited defense spending, pork projects, and other obscene spending to maintain good will with their constituents who want the money to keep flowing.  The Senate is no better.

The reason this system has worked so well is the public has been taught and trained to be dependent on the Federal Government for so many things like education spending, road building, welfare spending, medical care spending, scientific research spending, retirement benefits, urban renewal, and so many other spending projects never contemplated much less authorized in the Constitution.

The Government is running amok.  We have allowed out government for so many years to take our money from our paychecks and spend it willy-nilly.  It is such a part of our collective experience that we talk about paychecks in terms of “take-home pay” instead of what we are paid in the first place.  We work our our daily lives and before we get our pay check for our labors the government gets the first cut of the pay and are happy with a tax return.

The President’s deficit reduction plan compromises the idea of an equal branch of government.  For one branch of government to have the ability to at will order another branch of government around violates this concept.  The Legislative Branch can impeach and remove Executive and Judicial branch members and officers with a majority vote of the House and a two-thirds  vote of the Senate so that there must be extraordinary agreement in the Legislative branch that the individual must be removed from office.

If anything, this ability to remove officers of the other two branches would make the Legislative Branch more powerful in comparison.  The main problem is that the Legislature has been failing to uphold their duties and obligations as elected officials.  They have not guarded against encroachments on their power and have ceded too much authority to both the Judicial and Executive branches of government.

We need a Congress and Senate that will stand up and bring better balance to the governing of this great nation.

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