Many people are fed up with our elected officials and think that we need to throw them all out.  Here are a few links to sites and groups that would like to change the make up of our elected governing bodies.

“Congress does not draw to its halls those who love liberty. It draws those who love power”. – Judge Andrew Napolitano

The 9/12 project.  This comes from Glenn Beck which way too many people simply dismiss as a political hack/ entertainer/ reformed alcoholic/ moron/ Mormon.  His website is dedicated to trying to preserve the spirit of 9/12, the day after 9/11 when the people of the country realized that we are not that different and we actually have a lot in common.  In that spirit of unity we should return to our basic values and principles.  The 9/12 project wants politicians who adhere to 9 principles and 12 values.  (Hence the 9/12 project, get it?!?)

Americans for Fair Taxation.  The Fair Tax movement wants to get rid of the IRS and income tax and replace it with a national sales tax with a set refund based on what the tax would be for a purchase of basic necessities so that your expenditures for the basic necessities are tax-free.  This is a pretty well thought out plan and angers many groups who like to use the tax code to punish or encourage certain behaviors and choices.

Contract From America.  This is an online community that wants the government to change things around and do better.  It is a place to make your voice heard regarding reforms that matter to you.  Among the top topics on the site are the Fair Tax, Term Limits, English as an Official language, and other movements to limit the scope and power of government. or Get Out of Our House.  A movement to replace all of congress.  This is as anti-establishment as it gets without visiting anarchist sites.

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