Humankind, as rational beings will worship something.  We worship something or someone by our actions or our philosophical guiding principles.

In general our principles will come first then our behaviors will follow.  For example, there are many people who ascribe to a particular belief or religion yet are not exactly consistent with their belief or religion in their day to day actions.  This does not mean that they do not ascribe to the their belief or religion, just that they are imperfect in following what they purport to believe.

So how do you know what you worship?  Some people are perhaps a little ambivalent about what matters and what they believe.  One fairly easy way to tell what you worship is to decide what you ultimately appeal to for Truth.  There are multiple sources of information and knowledge these days.  We often hear several different things from the media, friends, co-workers, various sources on the internet, religious sources, and science.  When you rank these sources of information in order of correctness your #1 slot is what you worship.

A religious scientist may look to God as the ultimate source of truth and the scientific endeavors as a way of uncovering many of these truths.  When scientific understanding comes into conflict with religious teachings, the scientist may decide that science is still growing in understanding and continue to believe in God fully in harmony with his object of worship.

A non-religious scientist may decide that empiricism is the ultimate source of truth.  Only what you can detect with your five senses are admissible for determining truth.  While this may not seem like an object of worship like a God may be, the scientist has placed human reasoning and faculty as the object of worship through scientific endeavor.

Some people may not think much at all about what is true, how you know, and when information from different sources is in conflict they just push the conflict aside and choose that it is not important to know what is right.  These people are essentially ambivalent with regard to truth and what matters in a philosophical sense which leads to the behavioral part of worship.  Many people simply go through the actions of life without much thought about why they are doing what they do.

Some people just live to be entertained.  They are always looking for the next movie, game, sports event, fashion, celebrity scandal, or other distraction to take them away from their ordinary life.  Others totally devote themselves to perfecting their own good looks or hobbies which can take a lot of time that might be otherwise employed.  Their primary focus of time and effort is their object of worship.

What kind of person are you?  Do you put much thought into why you do what you do?  Have you considered what sources of information are more correct than others and prioritized them?  It is a matter of conscious choice.  You can choose what to believe and probably even devote some thought to how you will choose what to believe.  This world is becoming more complex at the information front and without some kind of filtering tools to decide what is worthwhile or not you can easily be overwhelmed.

So what or who do you worship?