This list is of my own making and is intended to bring joy to both the person giving and the person receiving.  Actual results may vary.

Help with snow removal. — This gift is appreciated by pretty much everyone who receives it.  We had a rather large storm recently and many people worked to help each other in some way to clean up driveways, walk ways, and sidewalks.  This is an excellent gift for widows, the elderly, infirm, single moms, or people who work a lot of hours and may not be home to take care of it before it becomes a hard frozen pack.

Donate to the Food Bank. — Donations are up this year, but the requests for assistance are up this year as well.  There are few things that are as essential to sustaining life as food.  Some of the higher valued items are canned protein foods such as tuna fish, peanut butter, and chili.  All items should be non-perishable.  If you can give food this year to help out those in need this will make a great gift too.

Give Coats to the Homeless Shelter. — There are a few local charities that are pretty successful at receiving donations of clothing and other used items such as Deseret Industries and the Salvation Army.  The Homeless Shelter needs help as well.  In the late fall and winter months the need is especially great.  They will accept blankets as well.  If you have an adult size coat in usable condition, please consider donating it to the Homeless Shelter where it can help someone in serious need.

Forgive or Apologize to Someone and Make Peace With Them. — Everyone has been wronged in one way or another.  We can choose to hold on to the grudge and the bad feelings or we can let it go and move on.  If you have a family member or someone else you know that has wronged you please reach out to them and forgive them.  It is possible that they are not aware of the offense committed against you either.  If you have wronged someone, please apologize and ask for their forgiveness.  This gift is perfect for pretty much everyone, it goes with any outfit, is appropriate for any occasion and the cost is swallowing your pride and opening your heart.  It may in fact help you to look better too.

Visit or Call Someone. — This time of year so many people feel isolated and forgotten.  I met someone the other day who was in town for a family gathering where for the first time all of the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren were all able to visit at the same time for the holidays.  I was happy to hear of that great event but there are so many people who do not get to hear from their children and grand children enough.  When I was younger my family had adopted a couple of sisters who never married as our grandparents.  We visited them several times a year and they were always honored guests at our Christmas Eve dinners.  It was a grand tradition we enjoyed as a family.  Find someone you know who may be lonely and reach out to them.  Everyone needs a friend.

Happy Holidays!