The Global Warming debate has been going on for years with differing legitimate opinions over the causes and prevention of the same.  Recent revelations have tarnished the work and reputations of several scientists.  This is similar to Watergate and the Nixon administration.

Watergate was a big deal and the effects of it are still being felt more than 35 years later.  In the early 1970’s people still wanted to trust their leaders and believe that even though they were political enemies, at least they would not do anything criminal in pursuit of their aims.  Nixon was forced out of office under threat of impeachment and a whole generation coming of age was forever disenchanted with elected officials.  The effect was so great that when another president 25 years later was accused of committing similar acts of political self preservation the public was so jaded that it did not care as the economy was doing well.

Now the public has a similar reason to no longer trust scientific claims related to global warming and other corporate paid for scientific research.  A computer hacker accessed and copied several computer files including emails from the East Anglia Climate Research Unit in the United Kingdom.  The emails reveal efforts to avoid freedom of information laws, the deletion or loss of original data, efforts to suppress opposing viewpoints in scientific journals, falsifying reports, and other activities unbecoming serious scientific research.  This kind of behavior seriously undermines global warming claims.

The underlying problem is the corporate funding of global warming research with the end game of finding proof of man-made global warming.  Scientists have taken their cues from attorneys who will argue either side of a case and will find support for the conclusion they are paid to support.  So much for a dispassionate review of the observed phenomena and drawing conclusions from the data.

This happens with all kinds of targeted studies.  Cigarette advertising trumpeted the backing of several medical doctors, scientists, and educators for their brand or the benefits of filters (even when some of the filters had asbestos).   Scientific studies of several medical devices and pharmaceutical drugs have been skewed or falsified to gain FDA approval and after the failings of certain drugs or devices became evident the items were pulled from the market after the damage was done (e.g. silicone implants, Vioxx, Fen-Phen, Avandia, Paxil, thalidamide, etc…).

The difficulty is when these studies go forward on the basis of a proven idea that has not yet been proven.  There are millions of dollars spent, jobs created, and livelihoods at risk if the results show something different than the corporate funded expectations.  This becomes a vested interest by the scientists to skew and bend the data that does not conform to the pre-conceived conclusions already bought and paid for.

Science needs to reassert itself if it wants to regain credibility and public trust.  This can only be done by the individual scientists willing to stand up and quit working for companies and institutions that refuse to follow the data to wherever it leads.  Science has recently acquired a credibility gap and needs to regain what was lost.

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