(Author’s Note: Abortion in most cases is a uniquely modern day evil.  This column sarcastically addresses a common but not-well known issue regarding the practice of abortion.)

The Senate is considering a health reform bill right now.  Part of the ongoing debate is how to handle abortion funding.  Some Senators want federal funding for abortions while others oppose it.  Regardless of how you feel about the morality/advisability of abortions, there is a free market solution to the problem of how to fund abortions.  Here is one example of a comparable free market solution to the problem of wrecked and old cars.

Auto salvage yards pay for wrecked cars.  If you are in a car accident and the car is totaled, the insurance company pays for the value of the car and then the car is sold to an auto salvage yard.  The salvage yard then sells the wrecked car in parts to people who are looking for used auto parts.  It is a profitable enough business that the yellow pages have many listing for auto salvage yards.

If you have an old car that you just want to get rid of and is not able to be sold, you can still sell the car to the auto salvage yard and they will come and tow it away for you free of charge.  You are not liable for the costs of transporting it at all.  It works out pretty well for all the parties involved.  When the cars are completely stripped of usable parts the rest is sold for scrap metal and recycled.

There is a thriving auto recycling industry.  There are suppliers and buyers of all the used, wrecked, and recycled vehicles.  You may be wondering how this applies to the abortion question.  The answer is that there is a similar and thriving market for unborn babies.  There is a literal flesh market for unborn baby parts.

Medical research facilities purchase and traffic in bodies and body parts.  Abortion facilities and hospitals are a regular source for these parts.  When a woman goes in for an abortion, she is not informed that the life that is removed will be cut up, packaged, and re-sold to medical research facilities (not unlike how the neighborhood butcher takes care of cattle).  The worst of these procedures is partial birth abortion which I will not describe here.

Because of the market for bodies a doctor performing the abortion will alter the procedure to produce better specimens for the laboratories.  Babies have been removed alive and left to die or be killed, then processed for these labs because they make better specimens.   Sometimes the dissection is performed on a baby with a still beating heart meaning that it was a vivisection.  If you have a miscarriage and go to a hospital for follow up treatment the tissue samples will be processed and re-sold.  Unusable tissue for laboratory analysis is gathered and incinerated much like the scrap metal left over from auto wrecking yards.

So here is the free market solution to abortion funding.  Just like a woman does not pay to go to a fertility clinic to have her eggs harvested, abortions should be free and the costs covered by the re-sale of baby parts.  There is no reason that abortion clinics should not be self funding with the market for baby parts.  The problem of funding abortions is solved.  After all, it is her body and she should have control over it.

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