220 members of the U.S. House of Representatives have decided that we are subjects and not fellow citizens.  The House voted to pass a nearly 2000 page bill to reform health care late on a Saturday night probably hoping that it would not be noticed.  The good news is that the bill is not expected to see the light of day in the Senate.

The federal government proposals to reform health care have not enjoyed a majority of public support for the last several months.  There were summer protests, the tea party movement, a march on Washington, and several protesters at town hall meetings in August of this year.  In a poll from August, support for reform was only at 42% with strong opposition at 44%.  There has been no significant improvement in these numbers for supporting health care reform.

What is shamefully absent in these discussions is any notion of the concepts of freedom, liberty, or the limits of permissible Congressional action under the U.S. Constitution.   There is simply no basis in the Constitution for the government take over and complete regulation of health insurance.  If any level of government has the power to regulate health insurance it is at the State level.  Instead of letting a free people find the answers, the House of Representatives passed this monstrosity.

In the bill you would be required to file with you tax return proof of your enrollment in a qualified (federal government approved) health plan or face an additional tax.  Failure to pay this tax if found to be willful could result in five years in prison.  If your benefits are through your employer your employer will have to enroll everyone in a qualified plan and if you are paying for your own health insurance you will have to switch over as well.

These qualified plans are expected to cost approximately 17% or more of your yearly income.  The federal government will determine what the qualified plans will cover and how much they will cost.  It is not a public option it is a public mandated expenditure.

This kind of lawmaking is outrageous.  The public voice has been squarely against this kind of reform, the cost is much too high for any reasonable organization to bear, and the authority to take this kind of action is entirely absent from our Constitution.  A bare majority of the U.S. House of Representatives chose to act like our rulers instead of our representatives with a clearly defined grant of authority in Article I of the Constitution.

Utah’s delegation did the right thing by voting against this bill.  Kudos to Rep. Jim Matheson in particular for breaking ranks with his Democrat fellow travelers and voting against the bill.

This Congress is not interested in helping the people or following any of the Constitutional restrictions placed on them.  Health Care reform would place a full 18% of the economy under federal government control.  It is a naked power grab by elected officials who do not want to represent us, they want to rule over us.

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