We live in very interesting times.

Perhaps the greatest entertainer ever died last summer.  You probably know the name.  The funeral was all over TV and cable television has not been able to find anything else worth talking about for several days.  While this entertainer made a big impact on the world and our global culture this person had very little to do with our daily lives.

People know more about movie stars, tabloids, sports teams, what movies are coming out this summer and what TV shows to watch this week than they do about things that have a more serious impact on our lives.  We need to begin finding strength in our unity instead of focusing on our differences.

Media outlets control the narrative we are spoon fed every hour, every day, every week, month after month and year after year.  We are told what to think, who to like, what shoes are cool, what cars show success, how often we should be having sex, what drugs to take to make us feel better, how we should feel about things and who to vote for.  We are entertained, shocked, and tricked into using many hours each week to keep up with what our media magnates are telling us.  When analog TV was going away there was such great concern that some people would not be able to get their TV instructions that the deadline was extended a few months and government coupons were distributed to make the converter boxes less expensive for the less fortunate.  It is as if our own government is afraid of what people might do if they stop watching TV and start reading and thinking more.

Entertainment and TV is alright in the right place and time but the problem is that it dominates our time and attention.  What difference does it make ten years later who won the Super Bowl?  Will it really matter in ten years the movies you watched, what celebrities got divorced or married this week, or how the exciting action packed conclusion was resolved on your favorite TV show?

We need to spend more time with family and friends doing real things.  Spending time fishing with family, going for a walk, or playing games will create memories that will have a better lasting value to your life because it is developing relationships that matter.

We also need to start paying attention to what our government is doing.  We feel impotent and unable to do anything about the growing power and influence of government in our lives.  That is where the power of entertainment and distraction comes in because when we are distracted we are not thinking about how to take control of our lives back from the government.

We need to focus on the things that matter and will make a difference for the future.  We need to pay attention to what the government and jealously guard our liberties and freedoms.

There are several municipal elections next month, people who will have the ability to tell you how to take care of your property, raise your taxes, plow the streets, and so many things that make a difference in your daily experience.  Have you figured out who you are going to vote for?

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