There is a modern day fable about how a farmer captured wild pigs that has a great amount of relevance to today.  One day the farmer went into an open field and laid out corn for the pigs.  At first the wild pigs were suspicious and would not approach the corn but they overcame their fears and ate it.  The farmer continued to provide corn in the same place and the pigs became accustomed to eating with little or no effort on their part because it was easy to get and they already knew where to find food.

As the days passed on the farmer began to place fence posts in the ground around the corn.  This was a little odd to the wild pigs but they were still easily able to get in and out of the open field to enjoy their food and move back into the tree cover where they felt safe.  As the time went on the farmer began to assemble a gate and a fence surrounding the feeding area.  The fence was nearly complete and the pigs were continuing to come and go as they pleased.

The farmer then began to reduce the amount of corn available.  The farmer instead of placing enough and to spare began to make scheduled deliveries of corn at a regular time of the day so that the pigs would recognize him and when the deliveries were to be made.  The pigs were still somewhat cautious and waited for the farmer to leave before they moved in to eat the corn.  Some of the younger pigs were forgetting how to find their own food and becoming dependent on the farmer for their meals and were some of the most eager animals to eat the corn.

The fence was finally completed with the gate left open and the farmer delivered the corn again but this time instead of leaving completely he waited in the shadows for the pigs to come in and begin eating.  The farmer moved in and closed the gate, trapping the pigs.   Now that the pigs were trapped they had no ability to provide for themselves and were dependent on the farmer to provide for their needs.

With every government solution to our financial difficulties there are strings attached and the threat of captivity instead of freedom.  Ronald Reagan spoke of welfare queens and generational welfare.  The people who grow up in the welfare system are conditioned to accept government handouts and look to the government to provide for them.  When I lived in Hartford, Connecticut for a few months I met young women whose future plans were to have babies so they could get on welfare programs with a retirement plan of being cared for by their own children’s welfare payments into the future.  The living conditions there were not pleasant but they weren’t working for it, didn’t plan on a better life, and were content to live in those conditions.

That kind of generational welfare mindset is the end game of many of these government solutions.  If enough people are brought into the welfare system through bailouts and handouts then we will become dependent on the assistance and continue to vote for politicians that will offer the biggest handouts.  Instead of a nation of adults we will become a nation of dependents who need the government to provide for and control them.

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