Private Solutions at the Family Level are Much Better.

Voices for Utah Children supports increased state spending for children five years of age and younger.  In a news report in the September 7, 2009 print edition of the Deseret News we are informed that Utah is lacking in “nonschool spending” for kids according to a study done by Voices for Utah Children.

The impetus for the story about Utah not spending enough money was a report created by Voices for Utah Children.  The report is mostly a lot of statistical analysis about how Utah could be spending more money on children five and under because sociological studies say that early prevention programs will help to prevent later juvenile delinquincy and aid in educational performance.  The argument is that if we just spent more money on young children it would then preclude the need for the additional money spent ameliorating the societal breakdown not prevented by spending money in the first place.  Or as it is said in the Sept. 7th news article: “‘The fiscally conservative approach adhered to by Utah lawmakers and public agency administrators would dictate greater investment in the development of young children,’ [Janis] Dubno said”.  Hogwash.

Parents inculcate the values and behaviors that will turn societal trends in the direction they should be.  Strong, value-oriented, involved, and loving families are what we need to fix our social and economic problems.  Families will lead the way to fixing these problems, not government.  Every social ill that Voices for Utah Children would like to see fixed through government spending can be fixed through stronger families.

In the early 1960’s President Johnson was pushing for a new welfare program called the Great Society.  Many of these programs have never been abolished or rolled back.  Part of the impetus for the need to act now to save the future was the horrible, mind boggling, skyrocketing, completely unacceptable out of wedlock birth rate for black Americans of NINETEEN PERCENT.  The horror!  Luckily for us we passed the Great Society programs and we solved THAT problem.

Ha-Ha!  Just kidding.  After forty-plus years of government programs or approximately two generations of people who could have had the benefit of these government programs, the out of wedlock birth rate for black Americans is now almost SEVENTY PERCENT.  Among the entire population the rate of out of wedlock birth is 38.5 percent as of 2006. Government programs did not help, it made the targeted problem three times worse.

A better solution is a theory called “The Economics of Goodness” mentioned by Gov. Leavitt in the 1998 State of the State address and again in 2005 while serving as the Secretary of Health and Human Services under President Bush.  The theory is that a people who make good choices and voluntarily do the right thing will be better off economically than people who do not.  On a societal level there would be less need for drug treatment programs, prison space, or other diversionary programs designed to fix these problems so the money currently spent on these problems would be instead used for better medicine, education, research, and other economically productive uses.

The goodness will come from strong values oriented families,  not government programs.

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