“If you ever start feeling like you have the goofiest family in the world, all you have to do is go to a state fair. Five minutes at the fair, you’ll be going, ‘You know what? We’re all right. We’re dang near royalty!'” — Jeff Foxworthy

State Fairs are fun.  They are a great time to build memories and see things out of your normal daily experience.

The annual state fair is as close as some people come to finding out where their food comes from.  Many kids have no idea where milk, meat, cheese, eggs, or other food products come from.

At the state fair you can ride ponies, watch clowns, magic shows, see the biggest horse, bull, pig, and the best preserved foods, as well as photographs, art projects and quilts.  If you want to see life size sculptures made out of butter, the State Fair is the place to be.

You can shop for odd and amazing things at the fair.  One year I bought the best window scraper I have ever owned.  I also found an amazing glasses cleaner one year that dried out before I ran out of it.

State Fairs have great entertainment opportunities.  There are concerts with groups ranging from country, rhythm & blues, rock, and other non-traditional mixtures of musical sounds.  There are comedy nights, demolition derbys, truck and tractor pulls.  You can watch horseback riding competitions, rodeo, and other events that are just plain fun.

The food is amazing.  You can get fresh roasted corn dipped in butter.  If you are a fan of fried foods it is the closest thing to heaven on earth.  Deep fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are available.  They are battered, fried, and coated with powdered sugar.

State Fairs are a wonderful slice of Americana.  If you want to see what real people are like in America, go to the state fair.  We see so much bad news about job loss, gang wars, drug dealing, high school dropouts, teen pregnancy, and how the country is already going to hell-in-a-handbasket faster than ever before.  Taking a break to mix with a random assortment of fellow citizens is a very refreshing break.

You will see inventions that have not made it into the broader market yet.  You will see ride operators who travel with their machinery all over the country.  You will see artisans whose craft and art work have been prepared all year for this event.  You will see and meet the people who work agriculture as a living who raise cattle and grow their own hay.

The State Fair is one of the last remaining places where you can meet and mix with people from all walks of life where your politics, job, age, or religion do not matter and you are all there to have a good time.  It is like a state wide block party and opportunity to meet people you only see once a year.

Take the time and go to the State Fair.

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