The United States is already engaged in armed conflict in Afganistan and Irag.  Iran may be next.  Be wary of news reports about Iran and their accuracy.  Skepticism is warranted when you look at past calls to war.

The sinking of the USS Maine was a turning point in the path to the Spanish-American War in the 1890’s that led to the United States emerging as a world power with naval bases in Cuba and the Philippines.  According to U.S. Navy historians it is impossible to determine for sure if the USS Maine was sunk by enemy action or by spontaneous combustion of coal near the powder magazine.  It was reported in the press as an enemy action and we went to war.

Using declassified information, the well researched book Day of Deceit by Robert B. Stinnett clearly documents the complicity of Frankin D. Roosevelt with regard to the attack on Pearl Harbor.  The U.S. Navy had already decrypted Japaneese radio signals and had plenty of advance warning.  The United States declared war after the attack.

The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution was based on a falsified incident if you believe researchers with declassified information.  It was reported that two attacks happened in the Gulf of Tonkin when the actual military communications only showed one attack which was an expected response to U.S. aggression against North Vietnam.  The second attack was a complete fabrication used to justify the war in Vietnam.

There may be a similar move to go to war with Iran.  It is convenient that we already have troops in Iraq and Afghanistan on the West and East borders of Iran, respectively.

Two years ago the Iranian Navy captured 15 British servicemen and later released them unharmed.  Five years ago Iran detained eight British servicemen and let them go unharmed.  Both times there has been a dispute about whether the detained servicemen had traveled into Iranian coastal waters.  Iran naturally claims they were trespassing and Britain claims they were not.

In January 2007 the United States raided a building identified by both Iraq and Iran as an Iranian consulate.  The US Military detained six employees of the consulate and seized computers among other things in the building.  Iraq had granted diplomatic status to the building.

The Jerusalem Post has recently published two stories that are inflammatory.  In July The Post reported from an anonymous source arranged by a separate reliable anonymous source about activities in Iranian prisons.  According to the story women are sentenced to execution and if they are virgins they are married to a favored prison guard prior to consummation and then execution the next morning.  The women are reported to fear their marriage more than their execution and go to their deaths with defeated blank looks.  In August The Post reported on the murder of seven lawyers who were defending protesters in Iran.  The sources were also anonymous.

Iran’s treatment and handling of protestors and dissidents in recent weeks has been terrible.  With these news stories, concern over nuclear armaments in Iran, and the very close proximity of our troops with Iran we should be more circumspect about news coming out of that part of the world lest we be caught up in another lie to go to war.

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