This is another post dealing with the philosophies espoused by Willie Lynch, a man known for his ideas on controlling slaves and the origin of the word “lynching”.  There is a page with much of his material here.

The last post dealt with the problem of division and diversity.  By focusing on the differences between people (and 300 years ago, slaves) you can keep them distrustful of each other and that much easier to control and handle.

This post deals with the reversal of male and female roles.  Willie Lynch taught that to control the slave population for generations, you have to take a slave woman with a child and then terrorize the men in front of them to teach the woman that there is no effective male influence in her life and the child that if you are rebellious you will be brutalized mercilessly.

The example Willie Lynch suggests is to punish the most rebellious male slave in front of the women, children, and other male slaves.  Take the most rebellious one, tar & feather him before setting him on fire and pulling him apart with horses tied to his legs.  Then take a bull whip and beat the rest of the adult males just short of death.  The point of this gruesome showing of force is to destroy the male image in front of the women and children so as to put the woman into a shocked stupor where she will become independent of the protective males in her life and raise her sons to be subservient and her girls to be more independent.  By doing this, the men will hide behind the women and the women will never rise up in violent rebellion.

How does this compare to today’s society?  It is happening in a much softer and subtle fashion.  Three times in the last hundred years thousands of men were sent off to war and women had to take complete charge of the home front in the absense of their men.  The women’s movement in the 1960’s has made women more independent and more necessary in the work force.  With this massive influx of labor and disposable income, inflation has taken control to the point that making it in today’s world on one income can be a very difficult thing to do.  

With the most recent economic downturn in the United States, most of the jobs lost have been manufacturing jobs held by men, and in other industries dominated by men putting in place for the first time in modern history a situation where more women are workign outside of the home than men.  This is a role reversal for sure.

As this continues, there will be less of a love of liberty and a softening of the masses of men allowing the existing order to continue unabated and the loss of our freedoms unmourned.  

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