Available at Barnes and Noble

Available at Barnes and Noble

This was a pretty interesting book that shows the genius of C.S. Lewis even in his unfinished work.

This book is a collection of previously unpublished manuscripts from Lewis’ notes and notebooks.

The stories are interesting and thought provoking and show the range of things he can write about in a clear and convincing way.

The Dark Tower is one story that is unfinished and of the excerpt provided, two pages were missing.  The story is of a group of men who discuss science, space, and time travel.  The men agree that time travel is not possible, but that you can ‘see’ through time, so to speak.  They invented a machine that allowed them to see into a different time but did not know if it was the future, past, or wherever it was.  The other time they are seeing into is a rather horrific scene with people who are controlled in a hive mentality and others who control them.

C.S. Lewis’ description of the people, how they looked, what happened, and so forth is very rich and thorough.  There is no problem with understanding exactly what he is describing and happening.  

It turns out that the other time they are seeing is not actually the future or the past, but a current time but in a different world that is closely connected to their own.  Without mangling the description too badly, on our present earth we have learned much about the nature of the physical sciences and space, but in the other world, they have made a serious study of time and connecting to parallel time lines and understand time much better than we presently do.  They found a way to travel between worlds and were in the process of building a structure in their own world in the same place as a structure in our world.  The Dark Tower referrs to the structure in the other world that all of the men in our world recognize in our world.  

I hope my own description of what the short story is not too confusing.  C.S. Lewis describes it much better over the course of the story and in a way that makes sense even if you don’t think it is possible.  If you have read the Magician’s Nephew, you have seen one example of C.S. Lewis describing travel between worlds.  

The book is a good one and I’d recommend reading it if you are over 18 or so with some of the pretty scary stuff.

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