I consider myself a conservative.  I am in favor of freedom and liberty and an ordered society.

As part of our ordered society, we have laws and rules.  Some of these laws are of a more grave nature than others, such as why we chase down, catch, and prosecute murderers but don’t pay as much attention to people who break the speed limit.

For the last 100+ years, illegal immigration has been treated much the same way we treat speeding.  The number one rule is to don’t get caught.  Millions of people speed every day, and only a very few are caught.  If you are caught, you are given a ticket or a warning.  If you are given a ticket, you are asked to either appear in court and defend yourself or just to admit your guilt and pay a fine.  Illegal immigrants are intermittently rounded up and deported but more often arrested and let go to voluntarily appear in court at a later date.

We have treated illegal immigration pretty much like speeding.  For years.

Many people are upset about this and think it would be a good idea to round up all of the illegal immigrants and then put them in tent cities in preparation for deportation.  I think this is a big mistake and a very inhumane way to handle the problem.  This is not a serious crime like rape, drug dealing, murder, robbery, or child molesting.  It is a regulatory wrong, like speeding or jay walking.  A person is not likely to be on the fast track to hell for illegally crossing a border.

So what about the idea that we should send all the illegals home because they got here illegally?  What if we treated speeders the same way?  Could you imagine this?  

Cop:  “Ma’am, I caught ya doing 10 over the speed limit.  That’s illegal.”

Lady:  “Sorry, sir, I know.”

Cop:  “I’m going to have to give you a ticket for this, and place you under temoporary house arrest.”

Lady: “WHAT!?!  That’s ridiculous!  I have to get to work and my customers and boss are counting on me to be there in fifteen minutes!  I was already running late which is why I was speeding!  I am a single mother and if I have to go home right now, I will probably lose my job for this!”

Cop:  “I’m sorry to hear that lady, but the rules are the rules.  You traveled here illegally because you refused to travel the speed limit.  I know you have a good job you are traveling to and just trying to provide for your family, but you should not have broken the law.  Go Home.” 

Lady: “But if I have to go home and I lose my job, I cannot provide for my family and they will not be provided for!”

Cop: “I’m sorry ma’am, but again, you broke the law, you have no right to speed to work and you should follow the law like anyone else.  You must go home where you came from because you are not allowed to travel to work illegally.  I know it seems that traveling the speed limit to work will take many years and may not seem worth it, but that is the path you have to follow.  Go Home and try again.”

I hope you see the point.  Because of our lack of enforcement of the borders and lack of penalties for illegal immigration, there has been a very lacksidaisical attitude among people who want to come to the Promised Land for work and freedom.  There is no moral wrong attached to crossing the border illegally, it is a matter of regulation.

If we allow them a path to citizenship without deportation, it is merely acknowledging that we have not been enforcing the laws and instead of bringing down the hammer, so to speak, we are identifying them and allowing them to participate in society in a legal way. 

A better solution in the first place would be to secure the border first.  Do that first, start taking border security seriously.  For the people who have lived here for years and are otherwise honest, productive, good members of society, let them stay.

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