This is a yearly event for parents and children involved or interested in TJEd.  You can find out more about it here.

In years past, the TJEd forum was sponsored by American Youth Leadership Institute or AYLI.  AYLI is dedicated to helping the youth with leadership education by sponsoring clubs with suggested syllabi and ideas for advancing leadership education, primarily among homeschoolers although some parents of public schooled children are inquiring about these groups as well.  It is a good group to have in Utah.

This year, mostly because the Forum is more for adults than children, it is being sponsored by TJEd Marketplace.  

The main even is a one day seminar with many different presenters on a multitude of topics.  A schedule at a glance is here, and a list of all the presenters with expanded descriptions of topics and bios of the presenters is here.

After the Saturday events, there is a Family Ball, more or less like a prom for homeschoolers with a live band and modest dress standards.  On Friday there are additional events including a fundraising dinner for Scholarships to GWU.

If you want to learn more about TJEd from people who do it instead of just reading about it, this is a great event to get a feel for what it is about and what it can be like.

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