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Available at Barnes and Noble

This was a pretty good read, and that’s about the best I can say about the book.

This book was written before the other book I reviewed, The DaVinci Code.  It turns out that Dan Brown apparently likes to write stories about Catholics who have lost their minds and think cold blooded murder is an acceptable solution to trying to “save the faith”. 

In The DaVinci Code, Opus Dei is a plot device to show crazy Catholics (the albino in particular) murdering to gain power over the Catholic church which threatened to de-recognize Opus Dei.

In Angels & Demons, the assistant to the Pope is a crazed fanatic who sees science as the enemy of faith and sets in motion a plan to assassinate the Pope and kill four leading Cardinals in line to replace the Pope and detonate a bomb of sorts inside Vatican City all while blaming it on the Illuminati and causing people to see evil for what it is and then flock to their faith following this difficult time.

The plot was foiled at the very end after six separate murders including the Pope, a scientist, and four cardinals, and the bomb went off high in the air above the Vatican.  The assistant to the Pope was discovered to be the culprit mastermind behind the plot.

Still, two books in a row about very religious Catholics who think that murder is a small price to pay to defend the faith is a rather troubling pattern.

I hope Dan Brown finds someone else to pick on or decides to write better stories.

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