Don’t they ever quit trying?

Today I got a robo-dialed call from an “unknown caller” or blocked ID.

It claimed to be from TransWest Credit Union’s security and fraud department and my Debit Card had been deactivated because of a fraud/theft claim of some sort.

To reactivate the card, press ‘1’.  I was admittedly intrigued and pressed ‘1’.

Then I was asked to press one again, wondering if I would be in contact with a live person or what.  They promised I was being connected to the security department of the credit union.

I was then prompted to input the 16 digit number on the front of the card.  That’s where I stopped.

The credit union name is a fake as near as I can tell, and if a fraud report was made a live person would probably be making the call.  I imagine that after the 16 digit number, they would then need the expiration date and security code on the back of the card, just to make sure I have the card, see?  It’s for MY protection, or maybe so they buy stuff online, I’m not sure which.

If there is a fraud reported on the account, the account is compromised and is going to be cancelled and given a new account number to protect against future problems.  The bank already has your 16 digit number.

Being a civic minded individual, I called TransWest to let them know about the robo-dialed call.  It turns out that mass text messages were being sent out as well.  

Just be careful out there and pay attention to what is going on.

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