So, my wife is the Secretary in our Ward Primary.  

I swear the D-Day invasion at Normandy, France was not as complicated to organize compared to our ward’s primary.  At least at the start of the year.  My wife has been doing so much organizing and attending so many meetings that I would not think there would be anything else left to discuss or organize.

I suppose those statements in the last paragraph illustrate how little I actually understand about how difficult it can be to successfully run a Primary Organization with 70+ kids and teachers.  The primary presidency does it well.

I am glad my wife is in Primary, she likes the kids and the challenge of keeping everything straight.  I am also glad my wife is my wife. She is a big time organizer/filer and it is because of her that I can find anything at all.  I suppose if she wasn’t so good at it I would have to get better at it but as things stand now, my wife is awesome at organizing.

It turns out that the kids like primary.  They really do.  This weekend was our stake conference so instead of a normal three hour block of meetings with two hours of Primary, we had a regular two hour meeting with all the talking and singing, but no Primary.  Because of the lack of Primary today, the older kids decided to have it anyway.

I am sitting in the front room where the furniture was rearranged and the younger kids and stuffed animals were paying rapt attention to the sharing time lesson and singing time after they had been in separate rooms in the house for their class times.  My second daughter even went to the other room to remind my wife she only had eight minutes to finish up her lesson before going to sharing time.  Cute does not even begin to describe what was going on here.

The younger kids got tired of the game before the older kids did, so the older kids were instructed to re-convene with their stuffed animals and some of the furniture to downstairs.

Primary is still in session.  I don’t expect my kids will have a problem with speaking in front of large groups.

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