So, Senator Buttars has caused quite a stir for speaking his mind.  Sometimes it is a good thing to stir things up.

I listened to the press conference on KSL this morning and Doug Wright’s commentary immediately following the press conference.  

Doug Wright apparently thinks that everyone should play nice and not offend anyone and was deeply upset on the air that Sen. Buttars was not more harshly treated.  Doug was also very upset that there was no apology or indication of regret that a Utah State senator would talk this way.

I have problems with people not responsible for the actions of other people apologizing for them.  There was no reason for Sen. Waddoups to apologize.  None.

Here is the tightrope that Sen. Waddoups has to walk.

It is a federal lawsuit to infringe on someone’s freedom of speech.  This includes things that seem to be minor but might have a chilling effect.  Keep in mind that Sen. Waddoups is acting in his official capacity as a member of the State Government as the Senate President.  The State can do nothing to punish or to shut Sen. Buttars up.  If they did that, it would be grounds for a law suit.

Sen. Waddoups had to walk a very tight line.  Sen. Buttars was removed from a committee of which he was the chairman of and that’s it.  Sen. Waddoups said that it was not a punishment, but merely an exercise of the appointment power to committies being exercised.  Furthermore, it is freeing Sen. Buttars to speak his mind and his free speech rights are not being violated at all.

So what is really happening is Sen. Buttars is being put in time out for speaking out of order and too harshly on a very sensitive subject, but if the State of Utah is seen to be exercising its power to punish Sen. Buttars, then there is a lawsuit waiting to be filed.

I wish Doug Wright was aware of that and could be a little more sensitive to what elected officials are allowed to do or to not do.  Furthermore, for Sen. Waddoups to be speaking in his official capacity, he couldn’t apologize either.  In order for Sen. Waddoups to apologize for Sen. Buttars, he would first have to own what Sen. Buttars said in the first place and in an effort to distance himself (and the State) from Sen. Buttars, he could not apologize.

All in all, I suppose the press conference went well.

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UPDATE:  I should have clarified that Sen. Buttars toughest comments were reserved for gay activists.  I know there are many people who are sensitive to the feelings of our brothers and sisters who have gender confusion or same gender attraction.  I am also sensitive to these concerns.  We should always clarify between those who know they are propogating evil and those who don’t really know better.  Just like in other movements through history, there are the prime movers and shakers who are perfectly aware of what they are doing and the awful impact it will have in the grand scheme of things and then there are the followers who have bought into the idea that they are just doing a good thing to help people out.  It is best to be diplomatic and kind about these things while still telling the truth.